A Guide on Outdoor Wooden Chair Maintenance

Published December 19, 2020

Wooden outdoor chairs are durable and long-lasting. Find out how to make your wooden outdoor chair last longer by following this guide. 

Outdoor furniture varies in style, design, and material. But among these options, the most sought out by buyers are wooden outdoor chairs. They are quite functional and, at the same time, these chairs have a unique rustic feel. Moreover, wooden outdoor chairs have a long lifespan. With proper care and maintenance, a wooden outdoor chair can last for several years.


Take note that wood is a high-maintenance material. Although hardwoods such as teak, oak, and cider can last up to decades, they are not as robust as all-weather materials. Exposure to sunlight and water can do extreme damage to wood. Additionally, they are prone to insect attacks. If you recently bought or currently own a piece of wooden outdoor furniture, you have to give it proper care and attention. As a guide, check these pointers on what to do when it comes to wooden furniture maintenance.

#1 Fix Minor Damages

If you notice splinters, a loose knob, or any minor damage on your wooden furniture, immediately do repairs. Leaving the damage unfixed worsens the furniture’s condition. Moreover, the damage might be irreparable in the future.

It is why regular maintenance check-up is necessary when you have outdoor wooden furniture. Do seasonal maintenance to ensure the furniture is in good shape.

#2 Recoating is Important

The furniture’s coating or finish serves as a layer of protection from sunlight and moisture. Wood tends to turn greyish or lose its coating when exposed to outdoor elements. When your furniture is in this condition, it is high time that you do some refinishing or recoating. Remember to use the correct type of coating for wood. You can read the full article on how to refinish a wooden chair here.

#3 Regularly Apply Oil

To maintain the color and quality of your wooden chair, use teak oil. Before applying the oil, make sure to wipe down the chair using a clean cloth. Remove any visible dirt and debris stuck on the wood’s surface. After doing so, apply a generous amount of teak oil in another clean cloth. Wipe the cloth with teak oil all over the chair. Make sure to leave no corners unwiped. Then, leave the oil to dry. Do this every two months.

Teak oil creates a watertight seal on the wood’s porous surface. It prevents possible damages caused by exposure to sunlight, water, and insect attacks. Moreover, it stops dirt and mold from getting through the wood’s pores that create damage.

#4 Keep the Furniture During Rainy and Winter Season

Wood is prone to water damage. Though the external coating and oil reduce the risk, too much moisture and water exposure can still do extensive damage to the material. It is best to keep your wooden furniture in storage during the rainy and winter seasons. Beware that it might take a lot of effort to move heavy wooden chairs. That is why it is better to choose foldable and lightweight wooden chairs for easy storage.


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