Why You Should Try Triathlon

Published December 2, 2017


You could see many people these days trying out in different races to keep fit, belong to a group, and also just for fun. They try running, swimming, and cycling. Individually, these activities are great when it comes to being productive during your free time. Also, they could be great ways to stay in shape, be healthy and be a part o0102f a community. But, why not just do them all?


Triathlon is a rising sport these days that includes all three sports in one race. Triathletes, as you can call the people who join this race, can testify that it is more fun to be in a triathlon than do one of the sports separately. Check out detailed benefits of joining a triathlon below.


Overall Workout


Doing all three sports in one would allow you to work on all your body parts and make them stronger. Your legs are the most important when running and cycling, and your upper body would have to be stronger during swimming. So, during training or the race itself, you would need to work on both upper and lower body strength.


Healthy Weight Loss


Unlike other weight loss programs, joining a triathlon would allow you to lose weight without risking anything like your health. Since you would be going through tough training most of the time, your body would not only be stronger but also fitter. Also, a healthy diet is required when joining such a sport. You would be eating healthy, at the same time, staying in shape.


Improve Energy and Endurance


Through your training sessions and the workout you would be doing, you would notice obvious improvements in your energy level and endurance. Even after a full workout, you would still have time to hang out with friends or finish work at home. No more lazy weekends since you would have all the energy you need to spend with your family.


Younger Appearance And Feeling


As you would be physically active, your skin and other cells of your body would be forced to regenerate every now and then. This constant regeneration would make you look younger and also feel younger because of the strength and stamina you would be having. You would not find the need to visit dermatologists to make your skin smoother and wrinkle-free.


Improve Overall Health


Obviously, the training would make you physically healthier. But, do you also know that your mental health would also improve through a triathlon? Because you would have a healthier body (that is one thing less to worry about), you would find the peace of mind that you have been looking for. Your stress levels would go down and your confidence would shoot up. You would have better motivations in life and your mood would dramatically improve with the help of triathlon.


Promote Social Life

In joining a triathlon, you would be able to meet other people with the same interest as you. You would be rubbing shoulders with great athletes and also inspire others once you have made your own name. If you are interested in being a triathlete, you can visit http://www.besttriathlongear.com/best-entry-level-triathlon-wetsuit/ to learn more about other things you would need in a triathlon.02

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