Why Some People Grow Their Own Weed

Published February 7, 2018


Just like most things, there’s a clear divide between the argument of whether to grow one’s own weed or just buy them straight from a dispensary. But while the fanatical few of both sides of the argument keep typing away on their keyboard to air their disagreements, people who’d rather take action and see results are doing their own thing and are planting and cultivating away. Why would these people spend the time to try and grown their own weed, anyway? Isn’t it a total waste of time since there are dispensaries around? Turns out, it’s a perfectly reasonable course of action for a lot of people.


One of the most compelling reasons why some choose to grow their own weed is that they simply want to learn more about the plant. In all fairness, the plant itself is intriguing and interesting, which is also why it’s controversial, to begin with. Its potency in treating various ailments in conjunction with the slight psychoactive effects makes it extremely exploitable. It’s a plant that requires immense sense of responsibility, especially if coming from private growers. Understanding how the plant grows and how it grows best is the key to further appreciating its worth. Not only that – but it can also serve as a stepping stone to those who one day want to run their own dispensaries. Regardless of the motive, whether to earn or help people who need their medical marijuana, it’s an attainable goal if one is willing to put in the time and effort to do so. Small details light MJ grow light guide and optimal fertilizer proportions sound mundane, but are important for the quality of weed.


Another compelling reason why some opt to grow their own batches of marijuana is that they want to make sure they’re not getting short-changed from their purchase. Not all dispensaries are honest with their dealings, sad as it may be to admit. There’s always this risk when buying anything, even outside the context of marijuana or even psychoactive drugs. Capitalism can bring out the best and the worst in people.


In order to avoid wasting money on low quality weed, some choose to invest time, money and effort in growing their own. While this might sound like much ado for a trivial concern, from another perspective, it’s worth it. If other marijuana buyers hear of a person who values the integrity of marijuana quality, then it’s going to open up the possibility of becoming a supplier. It’s a long and risky shot, but worth looking forward to.


Marijuana itself shows positive signs of keeping depression at bay. But growing it goes a step further in keeping depression away – and this is because having a hobby, a passion, makes life worth living even if it meant doing it one day at a time. This is an underrated value of weed growing. But while some people find joy in bird watching, others find a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in seeing their well-taken-care-of plants grow. And earn them money on the side, possibly.

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