Why DIY Fix Furniture With a Staple Gun

Published January 22, 2018

1Homeowners aren’t strangers to broken furniture and peeling upholstery. Typically, the action to take when these things happen is to call someone who provides professional services in order to fix whatever needed fixing properly. However, more and more people are resorting to a do-it-yourself approach when something in their house needs fixing. After all, with a bit of help from the Internet and the right set of tools, rudimentary repair jobs can be done easily by an absolute amateur. In the case of furniture repair, buying a staple gun for upholstery and small furniture would be the tool that can provide the means for DIY home repair attempts. Here are some of the biggest reasons why it’s worth doing so.

  1. Room for error and learning from it.

Using staple guns is simple enough, to begin with. Though in a realistic sense, no first time fixing job is going to be perfect. But there’s no need to worry about botched furniture and upholstery staple attempts because staples, as firm and secure as they are in holding parts of furniture together, can be removed easily with a staple remover. That is in addition to the fact that they practically leave no perceivable traces.

  1. It’s easy

Using a staple gun is a breeze in most cases. The few exceptions where staple guns are a pain to use is if it’s too big, which is why it’s not recommended to go for the biggest option. Not only is it impractical for home use, but it’s also not going to be as ideal to use when fixing smaller damages and connecting small parts of the furniture. Another factor that can make it difficult is if it’s a pneumatic staple gun. The air compressor is inconvenient and heavy. With a lightweight but powerful staple gun, fixing that used-to-be-four-legged chair is a walk in the park.

  1. It’s fun

Setting aside the previously stated issues with a large staple gun and one that is powered by an air compressor, using a staple gun is a fun experience. Well, not the act of just using the gun, of course, but actually fixing things. There’s a satisfaction in being able to properly fix broken things and that’s definitely something to look forward to when using a staple gun on broken furniture. To avoid the aforementioned woes with staple guns, it’s highly recommended to go to a review site and checkĀ their upholstery staple gun buying guide.

  1. Fixes last a long time.

It doesn’t take a professional to make a furniture fix last for years. All it really takes is a good staple gun, reputable brand of staples and not-too-shaky hands. The staples can hold parts together so well that it’s practically as strong as nails. Of course, for thick parts stapled together, the staples should have long legs to be able to hold them. This is not an issue though since it’s easy to buy several boxes of staples with different gauges, legs, and crowns. It’s a good idea to have several boxes ready for use.


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