Which Are The Most Reliable External Hard Drives

Published September 14, 2017

reliable external hard drive

External hard drive is portable storage devices that can be attached to our computers using a USB or a fire wire connection or even connected wirelessly. These drives typically have high quality storage capacities that are often used to back up computers and servers as a network drive. What brings some difference to this external hard drive is that it is connected from outside rather than inside. These hard drive are affordable and a great way to share files on our PC.

Advantages of external hard drives

One good thing about these hard drives is that they are portable, you can move around with them so easily without feeling any bulk with you. You can plug in to any computer that is available and they do support ant fire wire and USB connection

These hard drives also have extra space, if you have a computer that its storage is full here is an external hard drive that will help you store your data externally without deleting the inside stored data.

It is easy for you to use external hard drive, as soon as you plug in the USB and fire wire they are automatically detected giving you a chance for easy usage. On windows and apple computer they are automatically supported

Another advantage is that they have high speed. When connected with fire wires they are very efficient and work at a greater speed allowing you to copy large files to your hard drive at a greater speed. Those with high RPM speed work faster.

External hard drive has a larger capacity of storage compared to other drives. They can be available with the space of up to 1000GB and more.

Flexibility of these drives is another good advantage and can be brought in different capacities and any person using a photo editing will find it easier to use these drives.

The most reliable external hard drive could be any among the following:

Silicon power external hard drive

It has the 2TB Rugged Amor A80 IPX7 shockproof, it has the cable carry design by which you can enable to stick the cable to the drive, it has an ultra fast speed transfer that enable greater performance and large file transfer. At Amazon it has a 3 year warranty.

Drive logic external hard drive

It comes with DL 64 EVA hard drive, it’s very durable as it comes with hard shell exterior for protection, its compatible with Seagate, silicon power, western digital Toshiba and other portable devices.

G Technology

It comes with g drive mobile USB portable 3.0 hard drive with 1TB. It has the aluminum case and thin profile to allow easy portability. It has a bus powered hub that helps to eliminated need for separate power connection. It has high performance with time machine ready back up and it is powered with high speed USB of 3.0 ports.


It has 2TB portable external hard drive USB 3.0ports. It’s easy and simple to plug in and use. It has instant add a space for more files and this drive is automatically recognize y window operating system. It has an expansion drive, 18 inch USB 3.0 cable and quick start guide.


External hard drives have brought some dynamic in computer industry, they have made storage and transfer of files that easier without deleting stored data that is in your computer due to lack of space. These are the hard drives that we should all go for.

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