When to Use 3D Printing?

Published January 21, 2020

Are you familiar with 3D printing? Have you heard about it?

If not, here is an introduction to 3D printing to help you better understand it.


Introducing 3D Printing

3D printing (also known as additive manufacturing and desktop fabrication) is a process of creating three dimensional solid objects by layering materials. It is a prototyping and transforming process, wherein a 3D-model (in STL format) designs became real objects.

This technology came to exist in the year 1986, but only gained popularity and importance in the 1990s.

Today, 3D printing has become a huge part of the transforming industry. Various sectors rely on this technology in creating prototypes of their products or designs.

Here are the different uses of 3D printing and the industries that can benefit from this innovation.

Different Ways to Use 3D Printing

#1 Engineering

The engineering sector is one of the first industries that used 3D printing in 1990. This technology offered a huge impact on engineering, which includes developing and creating car models.

Many automobile companies today use 3D printing to create car parts and parts for models. Car companies utilize these car parts models for testing in wind tunnels. It is how these companies test car parts to figure out what has to be done and developed. Hence, it shortens the timescale of manufacturing and developing high-quality and efficient car features.

#2 Healthcare 

Using 3D printing is not uncommon in the healthcare industry nowadays. You can even read articles and headlines about 3D printed implants and bionic human parts tested on willing patients. One example of this is the NHS who began trailing 3D printed bionic hands for children in 2017. This trial of NHS is a result of a partnership with the Open Bionics.

Moreover, surgeons use 3D printing when planning how to perform a complex transplant safely. Also, this technology is helpful to the dental industry for surgical guides and designing dental implants.

#3 Aviation

3D printing offered countless opportunities to aviation industries.

Aviation companies use this technology to create models of new aircraft. Additionally, 3D printing is useful for small-batch manufacturing of aircraft parts. An example of aircraft manufactured with the help of 3D printing is Finnair Airbus A320.

#4 Architecture

If there’s one industry that transformed and developed the most with 3D printing, it is architecture.

You commonly see 3D printed models of houses, buildings, and skyscrapers on display. The 3D printing of these structures allows architects to find out how to develop the house. Construction companies use these 3D designs for the success of the project.

#5 Consumer Products

Today, many companies use 3D printing to create prototypes of consumer products. The design allows the customers to see the possible outcome of the product. Moreover, a lot of end-use consumer products in the market have 3D printed parts in it. Examples of it are home furniture and decors.

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