What to Consider When Purchasing a Glass Blowing Kit

Published February 28, 2018



There’s an observable trend in global industries today that is either good news or bad news, depending on a person’s perspective. Fewer people are interested in delving into careers in trades such as woodworking, glass blowing and the like. Now, the pessimist wills woe the situation thinking it’s the end of these industries. The optimist will realize that it’s an opportunity to earn more because of the shrinking supply. Sadly, the optimist will have to acknowledge at some point that these industries require costly investment. Not necessarily in monetary form, but in giving it time and effort to learn properly. With this in mind, the best thing to do to get a good start is understanding what tools are needed. For glass blowing and lampworking, which looks simple enough, finding said equipment entails attention to detail just as much as one would buy carving sets for woodworking. Here are some helpful tips when choosing a good beginner set.

  1. Has the essentials.

Buying a glass blowing tool kit without prior knowledge on what to actually buy is a recipe for buyer’s regret. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case as there are helpful communities out there who can provide a comprehensive walkthrough on what basic tools to get.

  1. Can scale to intermediate glass blowing techniques.

Although getting a good set of basic tools is good enough for a beginner, consider stretching the budget a bit and get one with slightly advanced tools. The reason for this is so that the kit can provide the means for the aspiring lampworking and glass blowing person to easily adapt to more advanced techniques. Rather than buying a new set altogether, having some tools ready is a better and more economical idea. Besides, if the tools are going to be used for a long while, better get one that has more than the basic tools.

  1. Top-notch quality.

The quality of any tool is an important part in any industry. With regards to glass blowing, tools have to be extra high in quality mainly because it deals with precision work. Tools used in glass blowing should have a good grip, as well. It’s a simple concern, yet grip is actually a very important aspect of trades that require steady hands. If purchasing from a local physical store, try them out. Well, not actually blow glass in the store, of course. But just test the grip if it provides sufficient control. When placing an order from an online source, though, ask other glass working enthusiasts of their opinion and first-hand experiences on some brands.

  1. Ideal size.

Tool sizes may differ slightly depending on the manufacturer and depending on the set of tools as well. Hook and picks, for example, may be of larger size if the glass creation is larger than usual. Check specifications of the actual measurements to avoid ending up with tools that are not fit to do the job. If needed, buy more than one set to make sure there are one for smaller glass blowing and another set for larger projects.

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