What to Consider When Choosing a Whole House Humidifier

Published February 20, 2019

A correct house humidifier should work well to give you a balanced air condition of humid. The correct one works well depending on the space to be humidified and good installation. Poor fixation can lead to low results also a wrong device can make you regret the whole process. What do you have to consider?

The brand and quality

An expensive air maintainer does not mean that it will give you the best performance for long time. It also does not mean that it can last for long. You need a thorough research on the available humidifier in market.  Check on the brands that are reliable and decide whether to have warm mist humidifier or a centralized cool. You need to check on the warranty given for they are expensive to install.

The size of area covered

This is easy by investing a few minutes to check on the area to be humidified. It is an important step for you to figure out the right cubic footage of your home. This helps you to get the right device that meets your requirement perfectly.

If you do not need to humidify your whole apartment, simply get a large sized type of humidifier. Avoid investing huge amounts of money to install a whole house humidifier that might not benefit you. Invest on one that you will need mostly to work on the size you chose. This saves you good bucks of your money which you might have spent uselessly.

The location to be installed

You cannot install your humidifier in any area. You need to know well the temperatures in your area before you purchase your house humidifier for your HVAC system. It is not recommendable to install in areas where mercury can drop below freezing point during the cold weather.

Water that freezes can cause failure to the pipes, seals, ducts and the joints. It is not advisable to install in places where there is high drop in temperatures. Avoid installing it on the attics and at the basement area.

The maintenance needed

It can be tempting for you to go for a device that you can easily maintain with less effort. This may lie to you and falling for a wrong product but there is no harm if it benefits you. A system that is friendly to you with the latest features and proper warranty is the best.

Most of humidifiers that are branded are easy to use, maintain and install. You can get a skilled person with experience for annual maintenance. Hiring such a person secures your device properly and if there is any need of fixing parts that are destroyed, it is done immediately.


With the right information on what you need to consider before purchasing whole house humidifier, this should help you get what can work for you. You need to know the real facts of humidifiers so that you can get the best performance and a quality that will last you long.

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