What Makes Garmin Striker 4 the Best Fish Finder?

Published December 9, 2018

Garmin is one of the top fish finder manufacturers in the industry. They have been providing the best technology for individuals who enjoy fishing as a leisure activity and for those who do fishing as a livelihood since 1983. And each passing year, they present new versions of fish finders to offer convenience and higher performance at this activity.


If you have been browsing fish finder devices in the market, you probably have seen Garmin Striker 4 as one of the top-sellers. This innovative fishing tool from Garmin is an impressive technology that seeks to help boatmen. The Striker 4 is a basic unit from the Garmin series with intelligent technology and functionality.

Why consider Garmin Striker 4 fish finder?

For sure you have seen online sources such as the Fisherman’s Toolbox who highly recommend and support the use of Garmin fish finer series Striker 4. This item has several features that are helpful in fishing. Here are the technical details and specifications to determine whether you should consider this Garmin fish finder series.

Monitoring Screen

The Striker 4 has an LCD screen that displays the data which the item gathers as it surveys the underwater. The screen measures 3.5 inches diagonal with 480H x 320V pixel resolution. The display is in HVGA color with backlit to assure clarity. The screen is also readable for all ages. You can read the data whether during the daylight or night time.

Sonar Technology

This model of Garmin fish finder features a dual frequency CHIRP with a transducer of 77/200 kHz. The CHIRP stands for Compressed High-Intensity Radar Pulse. This technology is for deep water fishing and locating target underwater. A CHIRP does not find fish but rather displays the fishes lurking near the device. Hence, the fish near or surrounding the CHIRP radar will stand out better compared to areas untouched by the device.

The frequency coverage of the Garmin Striker 4 is 2D Sonar ranging between 200 kHz/15 degrees and 77 kHz/45 degrees. It can survey freshwater bodies with 1,600 ft. and 750ft for saltwater. The CHIRP in this device adds more clarity on the images that registers on the screen. Thus, it helps you to actually see several targets even in small groups.

The transmission power of this item is 200W in RMS.


This unit features a 010-10249-20 transducer with a 4-pin connector. The adjustable transducer of this model allows you to scan higher depths. You can use a mid and High CHIRP with this device but not a Low CHIRP.

Navigation System

The Striker 4 fish finder series has a high-precision, internal GPS module that supports in marking waypoints. Using the GPS system, you can determine the exact coordinates of the target. Thus, it helps you to navigate effectively in the bodies of water with a guaranteed catch.


The Garmin Striker 4 is the best budget-friendly fish finder in the market. The technology of this device is worth spending cash. The average cost of Garmin Striker 4 is $99.98 at the online market such as Amazon.

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