What is the Correct Height for Indoor Hammock?

Published January 20, 2021

Are you ready to install your new indoor hammock? Before doing so, consider one of the essential factors in maximizing comfort. 

Installing a hammock

Swaying on a hammock after a hard day at work drains your stress away; the gentle swing can lull you to sleep, giving you a moment of peace from a hectic schedule at work. Hammocks also serve as a cocoon if you want to have an ‘alone’ time. It could be your relaxing haven inside your home.

No matter your reasons for installing a hammock, one thing is for sure, the comfort it brings is truly the best.

But take note, the way you hang a hammock influences its accessibility and safety. One mistake can sacrifice the comfort and functionality of indoor hammocks. And one most common error people make when hanging indoor hammocks is height.

The height is one of the essential factors when it comes to room functionality and the safety of hammocks. Read this and find out more about hammock height.

Hammock Height a Safety Concern

Incorrect hammock height has many risks. Too high ground clearance increases the hazard of falling and fatal injuries. On the other hand, hanging a hammock close to the ground is also harmful and most likely uncomfortable. Moreover, too low clearance makes it difficult to access the hammock and likewise get out of it.

When you purchase a hammock, manufacturers include on their manual the correct height to hang a hammock. The purpose of this instruction is to guarantee your safety and maximize your comfort. Thus, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guide, especially if you are using a standard hammock.

What is the Correct Hammock Height? 

The height of hanging a hammock depends on what type of hammock you have and the location. If you are using a hammock with spreader bars, the ideal height to hang is 4 to 5 feet above the ground. The said height is also applicable for garden-style and deck hammocks.

Hammocks for camping purposes require slightly higher ground clearance. You have to hang the hammock 6 to 8 feet above the ground. Such height is enough to prevent your body from dragging on the ground. However, make sure to install the hammock on clear ground.

For indoors, the standard hammock height is 5.57 feet from the floor without any weight. The distance of the hammock should be 1 to 2.5 feet with weight. Installing the hammock too high from the suggested height is dangerous. It could cause injuries if the hammock snaps or if you fall. If the height is too low, your body would be dragging on the floor. Additionally, it is challenging to get out of the hammock if the clearance is too close to the floor.

If you are using a standard hammock, base the height according to the attachment points. Chances are, you will have to readjust the ridgeline to get the correct height and tension.

Aside from the height, there are several factors that you also have to consider when installing a hammock. These include the distance of posts, the height of attachment points, ridgeline length, weight capacity, and room accessibility.


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