What Are The Features And Benefits Of A Remote Car Starter

Published November 3, 2017


With a remote car starter, people can manipulate various features of their cars such as locking, unlocking, starting, and even stopping them from a distance. At this time and age when car theft has increased, a remote car starter provides you with security as you don’t need to have sleepless nights wondering whether you locked your car or not since you can do it on your couch. You can visit the website carreverse.com which has more info about car starters. You might be wondering what are the features and benefits of a remote car starter, but you don’t have to worry as we got your back. Read more to know why you need a remote car starter.

Features of a remote car starter

Have LCD screen

Before you buy your favorite remote car starter, ensure it has an LCD screen. This will help in showing the status of your car and confirms the command, panic mode, two-way communication, valet mode, a mile of range, four auxiliary channels, and monitors the temperature of your car.


Remote car starters have various types of sensors installed in them to detect any unauthorized tampering, examples being silent alarms, two-stage impact sensor, and shock sensors. This means that when unauthorized people try to tamper with your car, the remote gives you a signal that will help in taking necessary precautions.


For you to ensure that the remote car starter you wish to buy is genuine, it comes with a warranty. However, you should not only look for any warranty but the one that comes from a good manufacturer, as it will protect you in case of some parts malfunction after installation.

Benefits of a remote car starter

Security and safety

Security is an important aspect as far as remote car starters are concerned. They ensure that you don’t leave your keys in the car, thus minimizing car theft. Besides, they make it safer for you to drive your car at any time of the year, including summer time when there are ice and snow on the windshield. With a remote car starter, you can deice in advance, and before you come out of the car, ice and snow will already be defrosted. This means that your car will be safe from destruction because you don’t need to scrap the windows.

Good for engine

With a remote car starter, you can warm your car before driving which is good for the engine. During cold weathers, it is advisable to warm your engine failure to which the motor is affected. When you warm up the engine, you allow the oil to warm up, and this leads to better lubrication throughout the motor. Even though the warming up period is beneficial for cars with a diesel engine, it’s also crucial for gas engines.

Pre-Cool or Pre-Warm the Interior

With a remote car starter, you can decide whether you want your car to be warm or cool. During cold seasons, you can leave the heater in the ‘on’ position and warm your car at your comfort by just pushing the start button. This means that you can even warm your car before getting out of your bed in the morning, or even when taking breakfast. You can apply the same technique during summer when you want to cool your car.


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