Ways to Ensure You Cat is Cared or at Home

Published January 7, 2019

From the growls to skittering across the floor, to cuddling, cats display a wide range of actions and feelings that bring joy to a home. However, if you are not careful with how you raise your feline friend, there is a chance that you are raising a great assassin meant to wreak havoc.   Good news is, raising a cat is not difficult but before you raise one, take some time to learn how you can properly raise this playful animals. With good knowledge and skills, you may end up having a best friend that has never been.


1. Give your cat attention

Much like children are, cats too need huge amounts of affection to be happy and full of life. an empty home that no one gives attention to the cat will make the cat get used to prefer spending time alone. So if you or someone is rarely at home, you can consider getting a fish for a pet.

2. Keep the cat’s claws clipped

Clip the claws of your cat at least twice a month to prevent having painful problems. Even though cats wear down their claws naturally, they may still need to get assistance, especially if they spend their time indoors. If your cat is a strictly indoor one, you should consider buying a grinding post to help with this process. You should also look for help with choosing the best cat scratching post as it is also important in maintaining the claws well-being and the general health of your cat.

3. Treat the cats as carnivorous as they are

Many people tend to forget that cats are naturally carnivores and they need to feed on proteins derived from meat. A vegan cat will not be very healthy, so ensure that you feed your cat with food made from meat products.

4. Take your cat for vaccinations and spaying

To maintain your cat’s health and safe from life threatening diseases, you should ensure that you give your cat the full range of vaccinations. Start the vaccinations when your cat is still as young as eight weeks old. Although it may be expensive, vaccinations keep off diseases like feline leukemia, FIV, or rabies. Contact your veteran to know the vaccines that your cat needs. Additionally, you should have your cat spayed to avoid additional problems.

5. Be nice

Cats sense anger and fear just like any other animal, so don’t be raising your voice if they do something unpleasant. Being loud or showing anger in whatever way will make the cat turn its love to hatred. A stern “no” is enough. Also, don’t strike your cat or throw something to your feline friend. Physical aggression makes your cat to fear you ad no one likes living with an enemy, not even a cat.

You should also avoid caging your cat unless it is for transportation. A caged animal cannot give love or affection. Cats are explorers and roamers so let them play and hunt in peace.

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