Vitamins That Can Increase Platelet Levels

Published March 15, 2018


Our body is a complex system of many organs that function altogether in order to have a balance of absorption of nutrients and excretion of toxins. Without such balance, we will not be healthy. The circulatory system is amongst the most unique because of the fact that it has a fluid “organ” which is the blood. We all know that our blood is the one responsible for distributing all the nutrients throughout our body.


Blood also plays a lot of roles because it is composed of different formed elements like white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. Among the three, platelet is the one that is not considered as a true cell. That is for the reason that it does not have a nucleus and it is a fragment of a large mother cell called megakaryocyte. Platelets have an essential role in making sure that the bleeding stops.


With that in mind, it is but important to make sure that we have normal levels of platelets. The good thing is that many experts studied platelets well and they have suggested that you can find foods that increase platelet counts. You just have to make sure that you take them fresh, in the form of pure or concentrated juice, tea, or concoction. Since most of these food items are in the form of fruits and vegetables, some of us may have trouble consuming them.


Fortunately, there are already dietary supplements that incorporate extracts of such food items. Hence, individuals can easily consume them and no longer need to spend time preparing. Nonetheless, you must evaluate if such is really good for you by making sure that the supplemental content is right. As such, below, we have listed the different nutrients that can help increase platelet levels.


Vitamin K


Vitamin K is a nutrient that is usually ignored by many people and some have even forgotten that this exists. Basically, it is part of the process of clotting of blood. Taking that into consideration, experts studied its role in the production of platelets. Luckily, the surveys of ITP patients taking Vitamin K have shown a 30% improvement in their platelet levels. Likewise, the symptoms of bleeding have also been reduced.


Vitamin B9


More popularly known as folic acid, this water-soluble vitamin is known for contributing to the enhancement of the division and growth of cells. Thus, it can also improve the production of the platelet. Data from patients who have ITP have shown that 64% of those who took high doses of Vitamin B9 have partially and completely had good platelet production response. The remaining 36% only showed a transient increase.


Vitamin C


Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C has been a popular choice for those who want to have improved immune systems. Apart from that, this nutrient is also capable of making sure that the integrity of capillaries, a blood vessel, is maintained.


Final Thoughts


Increasing the level of platelet might no longer be as hard as it is as a lot of studies have already been conducted. Thus, you must make sure that you evaluate the supplement that you are planning to buy.

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