Treatment of Eye Moll and Inflammation

Published May 17, 2019

Bacterial and viral infections are point of worry from olden times when general herbs were used to treat diseases. Number of diseases and forms of infections have increased over time. I was reading this in a website online when I came to know about one of the bacterial infections that infects and causes inflammation of the eyes. These infections produces an opening at the head of hair follicle and causes it to swell. One of the other causes of such infection is blockage of skin cells by dirt that creates bacterial attacking site where they can easily yield such infection.


Treatment of moll or stye:

Treating moll can be tricky. Sometimes it is left along to heal but that can take a number of days .Inflammation occurs when the glands of the eyelids become blocked and infected. These infections are usually caused by common bacteria that reside in the eyelids, such as the famous Staphylococcus aureus.Thus antibiotic can be used to cure such symptoms of illness.

When these glands become infected, the secreting oils, which mostly have a smooth consistency like olive oil, become thick and waxy, resembling more like a texture like that of toothpaste. This secretion clogs the glands and increases the risk of developing more bacteria. In this case, the main way to treat is to apply topical antibiotic solution to get rid of any bacteria that is accumulating at the surface of skin.

Although they are very common conditions, they are the most common infections of the eye and the structures that surround it, in reality its prevalence is not clearly known. Sometimes molls are confused with other skin diseases such as psoriasis or general inflammation since outlook of both the conditions is very similar.

Stye in children or babies:

Stye or moll can effect human beings of all age groups. Stye are very common problems in babies and children. And fortunately, they do not present any serious health problems and can be easily treated. Babies are treated with both topical application of medicine as well as oral solution of antibiotics.

Without most stye usually do not require treatment, can relieve the annoying symptoms of this infection For this it is imperative to apply a compress of warm water directly in the stye, 10 to 15 minutes, three or four times a day; and it is especially important to take care that children do not touch their eyes with dirty hands. If regular care ad cleansing of skin is done by good skin wash and soaps and a good moisturizer is applied afterwards, there will be no moll or stye that can appear in such situation since main cause of such diseases is accumulation of dirt in tiny holes of skin.

If it has not improved within 4 to 6 weeks, it is important that the child is referred to a doctor specializing in the ophthalmologic area. Also, if the baby has a fever, red or hot skin around the affected eye, drainage of the stye or difficulty seeing, it is necessary to visit the doctor immediately

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