Travel Facts: Things You Probably Do Not Know About New York City

Published September 26, 2019

New York City – “The Big Apple”, “City of Dreams”, the “City that Never Sleeps” and “Empire City”; other than its interesting names, New York City is packed with interesting facts that you first learn it from here.

If you are planning to take a tour in NYC this holiday seasons, here’s some interesting New York City facts that will pique your interest even more.


#1: NYC celebrates “Go Topless Day”

Yes, fellas! NYC legally allows women to proudly march through Manhattan topless on a specific day; this is in support of gender equality. If you are interested to check the parade, you should mentally prepare yourself because it won’t be the same parade that you are used to. However, it is not only women who can flaunt their upper body without anything on it but also men. Also, the parade is secured enough that you do not have to worry about any chaos during the parade.

#2: Different languages are all over NYC

Did you know that 4 in every 10 households in NYC speak different languages than English? According to the statistics, at about 8 million people living in NYC, 800 languages are spoken within the city; this makes the city linguistically diverse in the world. So, if you plan to visit the city, expect to bump a few NYC residents who speak your language.

#3: France and the Statue of Liberty

If you try to find out how much you know about New York City through online quizzes, you probably get this right that the Statue of Liberty is a gift from France. The Statue of Liberty was shipped to the United States in 1886 as 350 pieces and in 214 cranes; it took 4 months to have the statue assembled on Ellis Island, Liberty’s current home.

#4: One of the largest libraries in the world is in NYC

If you are a bookworm and planning to visit NYC this coming season, you shouldn’t miss out visiting one of the largest libraries in the world. The library has over 50 million books with other items that are relevant to America’s history and even the world. Also, the NYC library is the second library system in the US after the Library of Congress and the third largest library in the world as of today.

#5: New York City has the largest gold storage

Deep within the heart of Wall Street stands the largest gold storage in the world with more than 7.000 tons of gold bars – large enough to make New York City’s Federal Reserve Bank known and famous around the world.

#6: You’ll find a lot of millionaires in the city

New York City is indeed an empire city that it had become one of the homes of many billionaires in the world next to Tokyo in Japan.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of interesting things about New York City that you probably do not know; however, if you are confident enough about the city, you should take a quiz on it right now.

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