Top Three Drones to Buy in 2019

Published July 13, 2019

Drones comes with different shapes and sizes and range of their functionality also varies from model to model. Some may be self-guided just like on auto-pilot mode, others can be operated manually. The control panels of these advanced machines may differ from model to model and can have both analog and digital controls that are very complex but can also be of great advantage if you master these controls. In 2019, drones are used for a lot of complex projects ranging from Ariel photography all the way to surveillance and armed services where these are used to carry and launch ammunition from the base control.


In this article we will focus on some of the top of the line drone models that are best in class and provide most advanced facilities and are also very cost effective. Most of these drones are used for areal imaging and producing some breath taking scenes that these are able to record at very high definition video formats and slow motion pictures too. You will find more details at Aero Critic which is the best place for information and tips regarding most modern drones.

Top of the line drones for 2019:

Drones have become popular since last two decades and these machines have seen quite an advancement and changes in their technology over the course of few years. Let us discuss some of the top of the line drone models that you can easily buy in 2019.

1) Potensic U42WH Review:

It is the most affordable and cost effective model of drone that you can buy in 2019. It comes with all advanced features like high definition camera with 720p video recording in full HD and you will be able you customize its modular structure as per your needs. It comes equipped with latest features life one touch takeoff and landing along with emergency switch off button. The only down side to this model are its delicate wings that may get scuffed up pretty easily if not handled with due care.

2) HASAKEE H1 Review:

This model is famous for FPV racing since it comprises of line tracking robotic features that assist this drone to fly in a given path that is essential while racing with other drones. It can be used with compatible apps since it can also be connected with your smart phone at its console. It also possess one key return features. The only down side that this models suffers is its poor flight time that can be increased with future updates in its software and hardware.

3) Force1 U49C Red Heron Review:

This model of advanced drones comes equipped with high definition video recording with camera that has wide angel lens for getting whole scene in one shot. It also contains one key return feature. You can use multiple batteries that come standard with this model. The negative aspects to this models are its no FPV racing features and it suffers widely in most windy conditions.

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