Top Three Brands of Quality 2700 PSI Pressure Washer on Sale

Published March 11, 2018

2Do you need some help to remove stubborn dirt on your household’s pavement? Are you tired of frequently visiting a car wash shop to clean your vehicle? The 2700 PSI pressure washer is your perfect tool for all tough cleaning. This equipment is your best solution for eradicating the stains your walkway, the dirt on your patio and in washing your car. Pressure washers are designed to accommodate all type of heavy-duty cleaning. It pumps out high pressured water to clean even the dirtiest surfaces in your home. With this tool, no cleaning job is impossible. Handpicking a pressure washer is quite a difficult task. There are hundreds of brands of this equipment on the market which makes it harder to choose. Moreover, each one of them has unique facets that you have to consider first. The good thing is there are online portals that provide detailed and reliable reviews regarding the latest models of pressure washers like Garage Craftsman.


The Garage Craftsman is honest in placing product reviews. Their aim is to help consumers in selecting the right pressure washer for them. Thus, if you are having trouble choosing a pressure washer, take a good look at the Craftsman 2700 PSI pressure washer on sale this year. Pulsar 2700psi Pressure Washer This brand of the pressure washer is one of the top picks in the market. This product received excellent reviews from its buyers all exclaiming how good it is in accomplishing both small and big cleaning tasks. Here are the various features of Pulsar PGPW2700H-A pressure washer that you can expect on this equipment.


1. Constructed from high-grade steel and powder coated to prevent rusting

2. Features 12 inches durable never flat tires

3. Has an ergonomic handle and spray gun for convenience

4. Uses a 180 cc OHV engine and features three-piston axial pump to create more pressure in washing.

5. Has four different quick connect nozzle and 25 feet long hose.


Ford 2700psi Pressure Washer


Ford is a reputable manufacturer of quality vehicles and equipment including pressure washer. Their product line, the Ford gas powered FPWG2700H-J pressure washer is definitely an excellent choice. This equipment consists of the following characteristics that are totally worth investing in.


1. Features high powered 1800 cc 5 Horsepower engine

2. Has convenient fold-down pulling handle

3. Uses 10 inches never flat wheels that can accommodate rough terrains

4. Has 4 different spray nozzles with varying uses

5. Made from the steel welded frame for extra protection and durability


Ryobi 2700psi Pressure Washer


Another quality yet affordable pressure washer in the market is Ryobi 2700psi gas powered pressure washer. This brand is popular among customers due to its amazing features stated below.

1. Made of quality steel frame

2. Uses a powerful 173 cc engine

3. Features an ergonomic pulling handle

4. Has 4 different quick connect nozzles and 25 feet long durable long hose

5. Features efficient gas model


Do you already have a pressure washer brand in mind? If you need more details about the best pressure washer units in the market, visit Garage Craftsman via their website.

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