Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Changing your Cooktop to an Induction-Based Cooktop

Published June 19, 2018

Since the emergence of technology and innovation on kitchen appliances, more and more homeowners are finding induction cooktop useful than the standard stove top.

If you are currently having second thoughts of purchasing an induction-based cooktop due to the following flaws that you would often hear from other consumers, like:

  • It is expensive
  • You have to purchase a specialized cookware to use it
  • It is noisy
  • You would not be able to cook during the power outage

There are still several best reasons why you should choose an induction-based cooktop; this post together with this source will describe how an induction cooktop works and its advantages:

How does an induction cooktop works?

Unlike the ordinary stove top, the induction cooktop does not use liquefied petroleum gas, instead, it uses electricity. However, how induction cooktop works still different from the ordinary electric stoves. The induction cooktop uses electromagnetism; when you try to turn on the switch, the electric current passes through the coil inside the cooktop and produces a magnetic field in all the direction. However, the heat is only produced when a conductive utensil is placed on top of the cooktop. Then the magnetic field starts to flow from the cooktop to the pan too, creating heat between the two.

So, how advantageous induction cooktops can be?

If you are still having a hard time deciding whether you should purchase induction cooktops or not, here are the top reasons why you should consider changing your current stove top to an induction cooktop:

Reason 1: It heats up the pan faster than using the traditional stove top

An induction cooktop can heat up the conductive pan faster than using a traditional stove top and some cook wear; this is all because of the heat produced by both the inductive cooktop and the conductive-base of the pan are directed inside the pan. Thus, there is no heat or energy wasted when you use these types of cooking devices.

Reason #2: They are much safer and convenient to use

Since the induction cooktop does not produce heat unless the cooktop is introduced with a conduction-based cook wear, you can now cook without worrying about getting small burns on the hand. Additionally, as an example of a product that uses electromagnetic process, getting burnt or electrocuted if you place your hand on top of the cooktop is impossible. Plus, the kitchen device automatically turns off if left without a pan on the top of the cooktop and idle for a few seconds.

Reason #3: It is much easier to clean

Cleaning up after preparing a meal is one of the most tiring parts when cooking; fortunately, cooking and cleaning becomes easier for you, that is, if you use induction-based cooktop.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of other good reasons why you should switch to an induction cooktop. If you are having difficulties choosing the right induction cooktop, this post comparing the best induction cooktops can help you a lot when choosing the right one.

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