Top Air Integrated Dive Computers

Published August 13, 2019

Diving is one of the most exciting activities especially if you love being in the water, and what could make it more enjoyable than a diver’s best friend – a diving computer. A diving computer has been around for quite a while, keeping every diver safer and making things simpler than ever. If you have been diving for a quite some time, you have probably considered getting one of this computer but still uncertain of what model to have. Well, to save you time, take a look at the top air integrated dive computers in this comprehensive review from Seaside Planet.


​1. Suunto Eon Steel Computer

This computer is best for those who are not used to diving and this kind of gadget, for it features alarm systems and warnings, and is easy to navigate.  Aside from its large size, it also comes in full-color screen that is bright and flashy, making the elements really easy to read and comprehend, especially the warnings. Suunto Eon provides you necessary information such as depth, time, temperature, no decompression planning, and will last from 20 to 40 hours. The best thing about this is it features different modes that are easy to customize even when in water.

2. ​Aqua Lung i450t Hoseless Air Integrated Watch

Undeniably, Aqua Lung created a user-friendly computer with this one. Aside from it is easy to navigate and configure, its gas is also simpler to manage accurately because of its hose-less integration, and is designed to work either in salt or freshwater.  This i450t has actually a lot of amazing features that help divers feel more comfortable underwater.  It comes with an LED warning that ensures to catch the diver’s attention when things go wrong. The best thing about this dive computer is, unlike the others, its software is upgradable for you to enjoy latest features available.

3. Suunto Vyper

This computer stands out from the rest because of its optional air integration that can adjust as you improve your skills. It comes with multiple dive modes, allowing the divers to select one that appeals to their expertise. In addition, Suunto Vyper has an intuitive structure, making it a lot easier for the beginner divers to access the menu for some changes and adjustments, as well as to review and gather information about their past dives. It also has 3D digital compass that ensures the users find their way throughout unfamiliar territories.

​4. SUUNTO D6I Novo

There is no doubt that Suuto is a top brand for diving computers. This D6I Novo is not only attractive, but also built to be durable and last long. It comes with a built-in planner that makes it simpler to calculate dive profiles as surface intervals, and provides all information when used it dive mode. Its backlit display, wireless air integration option, and tilted 3D compass make this computer very outstanding.

​5. ​Scubapro Galileo Luna

This computer is best for more advanced divers – allowing themselves to go deeper up to 1082 feet. It also has hoseless gas integration for divers to quickly check the condition of their air, and a memory chip that can contain huge data. The great thing about Scubapro is its impressive battery than can be easily changed to ensure it always has enough power when diving, and it’s also upgradable!

All of these dive computers are guaranteed to provide a safe and sound experience underwater. As a diver, it is still your responsibility to choose one that isn’t only reliable but also easy for you to operate. Know more about these computers at!

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