Tips on How to Choose the Best Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Published February 19, 2021

A quality welding helmet is designed with auto-darkening protection – a safety feature that protects the eyes against welding arc. But since most modern welding helmet is designed with this safety feature, which helmet is the best option? Find out in this post.

Welding Helmet

There are two types of welding helmets – the standard and the auto-darkening helmet. However, when it comes to better safety features, helmets with the auto-darkening option are one of the best today.

What exactly is an auto-darkening welding helmet?

Auto-darkening is a great feature that you can find in new welding helmets today. It is a welding helmet designed with an LCD electronic shutter that automatically increases its shade or darkens when the sensors detect a bright welding arc. Because of this, welders using helmets with this feature no longer need to ready the helmet and nod their head to lower the welding helmet over their face and manually position the helmet.

How to choose the best auto-darkening welding helmet?

Aside from safety, convenience, comfort, and style, before choosing any popular or non-popular brand of auto-darkening welding helmet, you should know the basic yet essential factors when choosing the best auto-darkening helmet for welding. Here some useful tips on how to choose the best auto-darkening welding helmet this 2021:

Tip #1: Choose with wider viewing area

The helmet’s viewing area is one of the essential parts of any welding helmet. And a good auto-darkening welding helmet has a wider viewing area; this will allow any welder to easily and accurately see the weld, the entire welding process, the contours, and edges.

Moreover, welding helmets with a wider viewing area can increase productivity, thanks to the advanced controls that most auto-darkening welding helmets have.

Tip #2: Choose with accurate sensors

One of the critical parts of an auto-darkening welding helmet is its sensors. These sensors are designed to automatically increase the shade or make the helmet’s lens go darker when it detects bright light from the arc; however, the shade reduces when it detects no light at all.

Before choosing any auto-darkening welding helmet, make sure to check a couple of reviews about the sensor’s accuracy. How long does it take for the lens to switch from without any shade to a shaded one? How long does it take for the sensors to detect the welding arc? Do the sensors have false detection?

Preferably, choose a welding helmet that is designed with 3 or more sensors to ensure that the lens would not fail to get darker by the time the welding arc gets brighter. At Welding Choice, you will find a lot about auto-darkening welding helmets.

Tip #3: Choose with sensitivity controls

The benefit of having sensitivity controls on auto-darkening welding helmet is the liberty of adjusting the lens manually, especially during times when the lighting condition is too intense for the current level of shade can handle.

Additional Factors to Consider

When choosing the best auto-darkening welding helmet, make sure to look for a comfortable welding helmet and light to use.


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