Tips and tricks on teaching your child to ride a bike

Published November 3, 2018

Learning the art of riding a bike is a skill, and a classic rite of passage that once acquired will never be forgotten. Nowadays, there are simpler ways to teach your kid to ride a bike, but most importantly you should keep it fun. Additionally, remember that every kid has a unique learning style and he or she may respond to some methods better than others. Give the below tips and tricks a try to get your kid cruising down the road solo in no time. You can also read more about this at

Lower The Seat and Remove The Training Wheels

Children need perfect balancing before they learn to pedal a bike. Just lower the seat enough and remove the training wheels so that the child can place their feet flat on the ground when necessary. Since all they will need to do is put their feet on the ground when they start to move, lowering the seat will help with some confidence.

Find a Grassy Area

While a majority of people opt for the sidewalk at a local park or a neighborhood street, finding a grassy area with a gentle downward slope is the best option. The bike won’t move as fast as it would on the pavement and if your kid falls the impact will be less.

Do Not Hold Onto The Bike

Holding the back of the bike while your kid is practicing is a standard practice which can affect your child’s balance. Walk behind them instead of holding the end of the seat. As the seat is lowered, your kid’s feet are close to the ground as they rush down the grassy slope and pick up themselves as needed.

Keep Your Child Having Fun and Relaxed

Sometimes riding a bike can feel dangerous and awkward to some children. Ensure your kid is relaxed and having fun while he or she practices balancing while coasting. Provide practice and encouragement as long your child wants and never put pressure on them to learn too fast. If your kid is frustrated, always try the next day again.

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