Tips and Tricks of Using Jacks

Published June 25, 2019


There are two major types of jacks, floor jacks, and bottle jacks, which are principally different. You can visit autoaidoutlet website to see the differences in terms of specifications, mode of operation, pros, and cons among others. In this article, I will give you some tips on how to use both, you will see the differences in their usage.

Floor Jack

There are many aspects of this that I may mention, but I have decided to feature the most important only.

1. Importance of adding oil to the floor jack. Oil lengthens the lifespan of the jack by preventing rusting or squeaking and increases its efficiency. Below are the tips on how to add the oil.

  • Begin by preparing the jack by placing it on level ground for oil to floor the main reservoir, also check any leaks
  • Find the oil fill plug and wipe out any oil leaks to avoid contamination
  • Use the Allen wrench or a screwdriver to remove the oil fill plug and use a flashlight to look into the hole to ensure everything is okay
  • Using a funnel, add the oil little by little till it reaches the right level
  • Put back the oil fill plug and wipe out any leakages
  • Release the jack to a full down position

2. 5 steps of rebuilding a floor jack. This can be a challenging task, but the steps below can make it doable

  • Examine all parts of your floor jack and determine the one that needs rebuilding
  • Assemble the running gear by lubricating movable parts, placing hex pieces together, and adding a climbing pin to the runner, and other practices
  • Add the seal perfectly and weld it to the cylinder casing
  • Install and add all other components, the pin, clevis, running gear, and foot piece
  • Use bolts to join all parts and use a screwdriver to screw them tightly, then you are good to go

Bottle Jack

I would like to begin by stating how the Hydraulic Bottle Jack Works. It uses liquids to lift weights, oil is the liquid here.

The oil in the reservoir is transferred to the piston and the larger piston when the handle is pulled. The more the handle is pushed, the more oil being pushed to the larger piston increasing pressure of the cylinder. The piston gets pushed up by the pressure of the oil below and this is what lifts the weight. TO lower the jack, you simply release the valve which returns the oil to the reservoir.

Filling the Hydraulic Bottle Jack

Follow the steps below

  • Put the jack in an upright position on a flat surface
  • Pry the rubber oil filler plug using a flat-tip screwdriver gently so that you don’t gush out excess oil
  • Place the Jacking oil in a plastic squeeze bottle with a long pointed tip then squeeze to oil out till the reservoir gets the right volume
  • Place the oil filler plug back to the hole and ensure it’s well positioned
  • Wipe away any excess oil that might have spilled in the process


Both the floor and bottle jacks are pretty easy to handle, but since their outcome is different, select what fits your needs most.

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