Things You Must Know Before Getting a Guinea Pig

Published December 21, 2019

Guinea pigs are cute and wonderful pets. However, you must know some basic facts about it first before deciding to take such a commitment. You should know the basics like social nature and the expected lifespan of a guinea pig.


Here are some factors that you should take into consideration before getting a guinea pig as a pet:

1. Get guinea pigs at the shelter

Before you find your way to a pet shop, you might want to consider to check out your local rescues and shelters first. Some shelters have a lot of guinea pigs that are looking for a new home and a new owner that would love and take care of them.

One advantage of getting guinea pigs from the shelter is that they are easy-going and social. It means that you would not have a hard time socializing it with an older guinea pig.

2. Guinea pigs need vitamin C

Like humans, guinea pigs cannot produce vitamin C on their own so they would need to acquire it from their diet. You should plan the best diet for them that would give them an adequate amount of vitamin C. It is recommended that you give them roughage and different kinds of fresh foods.

However, it would be best if you give your guinea pig a vitamin C supplement. Giving them vitamin C tablets is better than just adding vitamin C to their water.

3. Guinea pigs are easy to tame

It is true that guinea pigs are skittish and nervous, but that only happens when they are new to you and your home. As you consistently handle them gently, you will notice that they are easily tamed.

Remember that careful and proper handling is a must and children must have adult supervision while handling guinea pigs.

Fortunately, guinea pigs do not usually bite their handlers even if they are stressed.

4. Guinea pigs are surprisingly loud

Guinea pigs can create a distinctive whistling or wheeking sound. They often create those sounds when they are anticipating their favorite treat or when they need attention from their owner.

The sound that they can produce cannot disturb your neighbors but you would realize that they are surprisingly loud for their size. If you want a pet that won’t interrupt your afternoon nap or dinner party, then you might want to choose other animals.

5. Guinea pigs are social animals

They are social animals which means that they would be happy when you keep them in a cage together with other guinea pigs. If you do not want unwanted litters, you might need to pair them with the same sex. Don’t worry because both sexes can be kept with the same sex without any issues or problems.

However, you should still consider that some guinea pigs have differences in personalities. With that said, some guinea pigs might not get along really well.

6. Guinea pigs need a huge space

They need a huge floor space. However, it might be difficult to find a cage large enough for a pair. You can always go for a DIY cage if you are creative.

If you are having a problem searching for the right cage for your guinea pig, you can read this article to help you pick the best cages for guinea pig.

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