The Truth Behind Smoothie and Weight Loss

Published February 20, 2021

Does a smoothie diet help in weight loss? Learn the effects of a smoothie diet and how it affects weight management and weight loss. 

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Smoothies are healthy. They are a great source of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, they support detoxification. Smoothies from fruit and vegetable recipes contain high levels of antioxidants. These antioxidants stop the formation of free radicals or toxins, which are the primary cause of premature aging and many health concerns.

Smoothie is nothing new. However, it becomes more and more popular due to the internet and social media. Dietitians utilize social media to preach about the benefits of smoothies. In turn, globally known celebrities and personalities showed their versions of smoothies. All of this escalated the hype for smoothies that it became a part of health-centric restaurants and food stores.

Can Smoothie Help Lose Weight? 

A fiber-rich and no sugar added smoothie are good for health. It is packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. However, it is the answer to weight loss?

Take note that a smoothie is a low-calorie food, except those store-bought ready-to-blend smoothies filled with unhealthy sugar. Since it has fewer calories, adding smoothies to your diet won’t increase your body mass; instead, it promotes weight management.

But remember that smoothies are liquids. They are not the best source of energy and have less satiety.

What is Satiety? 

Satiety is the opposite of hunger. Dietitians refer to satiety as the measurement of how long you stay full after eating.

You eat foods to appease hunger. And when your stomach is full, there is less tendency of eating. Since smoothies have a low-calorie count, it won’t help in losing weight. Going on a smoothie diet makes you hungry for a short amount of time. Thus, it will only make your body crave more food instead of helping you eat less.

Experts say that the satiety level of liquids is too slim. It means they don’t compensate for the calories your body needs to stay full. Hence, a smoothie diet does not satiate hunger.

How to Lose Weight Properly? 

If your goal this year is significant weight loss, keep on eating solid but nutritious foods; for example, eating bananas and a half of pineapple in the morning instead of having a smoothie. Fruits can satisfy your tummy longer compared to a smoothie drink.

Also, balance your diet. Do not skip carbohydrates and healthy fats. Remember that those are your source of energy. However, make sure to control the number of carbohydrates and fats in your meal. Moreover, add more fruits, vegetables, and protein to your diet. Likewise, stay clear from unhealthy foods and drinks with extremely high calories.

Drinking smoothies can help manage your weight. You can have it as your beverage in between meals. Likewise, you can use a smoothie as a replacement for unhealthy snacks and drinks. Have a 16-ounce of smoothie in the afternoon instead of drinking soda or eating sweets. You can go to Body Boost Reset to find out healthy and delicious smoothie recipes.

The key to permanent weight loss success is a well-balanced diet partnered with regular exercise. Follow this golden rule religiously, and you can attain the physique you dream of in time.

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