The technical side of music

Published May 6, 2016

musician 1When most people think about music, they tend to look at it from the artistic side, with their minds focusing on the creativity of the artists in writing and singing the songs. This is certainly true; that a big part of the music production process is reliant on the creativity of the musicians themselves.

There is an entire other side to the music production process however, that might not come to the mind of the average music listener. That is the technical side of the process, and some people in the industry would even argue that it is the more important of the two aspects to music production. The rationale for this argument is that without the efforts of the technical team, the music that is produced by the artistes would not sound anything like what the audience are used to hearing, and appreciate.

Even though this might be an exaggeration, especially if it is said that the audience would not appreciate the music at all (due to the fact that even before the advent of the technical aspect, people always appreciated good music), it is undeniable that the technical aspect is integral to the production and distribution process of the music.

The primary person who is in charge of the technical aspect of music creation is the producer, and he is in charge of overseeing the entire process of creating the music project. He is involved in the gathering of ideas in order to set the overall tone and outlook for the project, the writing of the song in such a way that it will play into the vocal strengths of the person who will be singing it, and the actual recording, missing and mastering of the song in order to polish the performance of the artist and achieve the best possible sound for the entire project.

Even though the music producer oversees the project, there are a number of other professionals who are in charge of other areas of the production process. These include the sound engineers who would be the ones tweaking all the equipment in order to get the best possible sound from them all, including the microphones, amplifiers and all the others. Other such technicians are the ones who master the songs, putting all the finishing touches to make the song as close to perfect as possible, although this in itself, is a source of controversy:

Some of the professionals in the music industry are of the opinion that over-editing the performance of an artist actually detracts from the integrity of the production and reduces the real quality of the performance, even though it might sound better to the ears. They sight as examples, the tendency of some producers to synthesize the voice of a performer in such a way that it begins to seem almost robotic, hitting notes with such perfection that it is clear that they are computer generated effects, as the particular effects cannot be gotten by a human being’s vocal abilities.

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