The Right Way to Wear Sweatpants

Published January 9, 2018

6Are you looking for the best sweatpants for men? To do this, you need to know what you are looking for right from the start. Here are some tips for you when shopping for such apparel:

  1. Fit Sweatpants for men must be fit.

The pants need to be tapered starting from the knee downwards and make sure that around the thigh and crotch is loose. The outline of the pocket must also be invisible. Above your shoe must be the pants cuff. An elastic cuff is also preferable so you can slightly bunch the pants up, thereby showing off your shoes.

  1. Choose various fabrics and colors.

You don’t need to buy sweatpants with ultra-soft cotton all the time. You may also choose those in light leather, khaki or twill. Colors may range from white, black, or even gray. However, you need not limit the colors to these alone. You can also choose sweatpants ion blue or Kelly green color (or other hues) to mix them up.

Sometimes, sweatpants look appear sloppy. To prevent this, check out some details such as belt loops, motto seams, and colored cuffs. With these details, your pants will look better.

  1. Style

The most important thing is to wear clean pants. And see to it that it matches the rest of your apparel. If you wear slim sweatpants, they will appear big among sneaker-heads, allowing you to showcase their kicks. Wear Jordans with your tailored sweat and expect to hear a lot of compliments from your family and friends. If you want to wear your sweatpants to dress up, forget about sneakers and use loafers (with no socks) instead, a pair of Chukka boots is another great option.

  1. For casual wear

Do you know that your sweatpants can be an ultimate casual wear? They would look best when paired with a white t-shirt, untucked oxford, and chunky cardigan. You can also use a flight jacket to layer over a t-shirt and add accessories such as beanie and boots. Make sure that the Henley or t-shirt is well fitted and clean to add disparity to the pants. Using patterns, solid colors or vintage t’s will all work.

  1. Use tailored jackets and shirts.

To look more polished, tuck in your button down. Do not use sweatpants with writings or logos. Leather trainers and button-down must never be worn with a crew neck sweater.

  1. Your pants tell who you are

Cleanliness is always emphasized in this article since your pants tell so much about you. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to look untidy with your pants, otherwise, you are giving the impression that sweatpants are for slobs. Don’t ignore any hole or stain on your pants since doing so will make people believe that you don’t care.

As they say, everyone has their own style, especially when it comes to dresses. But remember that even simple apparels like sweatpants can look great once worn right. So, take note of the suggested ways to wear the pants and everything will surely be right.

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