The monstrous issue of asbestos and ensuring your home is asbestos free

Published November 4, 2016

asbestos-free-homeThe use of asbestos in building material was banned by the government many years ago. However, the ban had a lot of gray areas and the use of asbestos in building materials could have continued in many buildings that have been brought up since then. There are also unscrupulous builders or ignorant builders who could have continued to use asbestos as a building material.

Asbestos is a product that is mined from the ground and it is a superior building material. Despite it being a superior building material, it was discovered that it is a major contributor to various types of cancer. As a result many governments around the world have acted in banning all the use of asbestos in the building of all kinds of structures. Buildings that had been built using asbestos were demolished or the asbestos elements were removed from the houses.

It has been many years since the ban of the use of asbestos in building. Many people have therefore relaxed in their wariness of asbestos elements in residential houses. Many people who purchase or rent houses that have been built since the ban naturally assume that the houses are asbestos free.

This assumption is however very dangerous. The possibility of still finding houses with asbestos elements is very high. Some of the asbestos may have slipped the attention of the builders and inspectors. With the very real threat of cancer, it is important that individuals take it upon themselves to ensure that they live in asbestos free shelters.

To ensure that one does not live in a house with asbestos elements, one can opt to hirer professional contractors to come and do the inspection. However, this is very expensive and it can be troublesome to get qualified inspectors. Instead of depending on expert contractors, one can instead invest in a DIY asbestos testing kit. This is a kit that is very affordable and very easy to use. It is also known to be very dependable, if correctly used, in detecting any asbestos elements.

Using a DIY asbestos testing kit will save you a lot of money that you could have spent on expert inspectors. Many times these experts are hard to find especially in places where the authorities require such contractors to have certification. By doing the asbestos testing yourself, you however run a considerable health risk. One can easily get contamination from the asbestos as they test for it especially if they do not properly use the provided protective gear.

Asbestos is a real threat to anyone unless you are probably living in a shipping container or some other wholly metallic structure. It would be very unfortunate if one can get asbestos contamination while at home, the place where one feels the most secure. To avoid such an eventuality, asbestos checking should be encouraged especially when moving into a new home. It does not matter when the house, was built, to be on the safe side, one should carry out a thorough asbestos testing.

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