The Different Types of Mountain Bike Helmets

Published January 29, 2018


It may be unfamiliar to some but there are certain types of riding a bike. Even bikes are available in different kinds, such as the road bike as well as the mountain bike. Road biking is basically using the bike on the road and would need such specific bicycle. On the other hand, mountain biking requires a mountain bike itself. There would be instances where one cannot use a road bike for mountain biking and vice versa. Nevertheless, whichever it is that a rider prefers, the use of helmets should be questioned and argued about. Even helmets have their own classification, namely the helmets for road biking and for mountain biking. For now, discussion on mountain bike headgear and its different types would be important for those trying to find one.


A mountain bike helmet, just like any other helmets, is primarily created to protect the head of the user from possible injury in the event of falls and collisions. It basically acts by reducing the force from an impact and minimize as much as possible the effects of such impact. There are different types of mountain bike helmets and each has a role to play in the provision of safety. Wearing such a helmet would mean a difference between life and death.


Without a doubt, it is highly recommended that a mountain biker goes through these choices and select the best among them. It would help to read about what mountain bike helmets are best for you and the internet is a good source of information. The different helmets for mountain bike vary primarily on the trail or terrain where a mountain bike will be used. In this case, a best mountain bike helmet for a person should serve its purpose with quality and suit your terrain preferences when cycling.


The first type is the half face mountain bike helmet, which is ideal to use when biking on the road or cycling in a terrain which is generally less aggressive. Country riding is one of the biking activities where a half face mountain bike helmet is more than enough to use. More protection is provided at the back in the event that a biker falls backward. There are visors for the eye protection and a tough exterior can be noted.


Another type is the full face enduro mountain bike helmet. It is called as such because of its design to protect the entire head of the wearer, including the chin as well as the face of the biker. If you are looking for a helmet that provides full protection, this is the best choice. Despite some drawbacks in ventilation, full face mountain bike helmet is good for rough biking on aggressive terrains.


A mountain bike helmet which is open face is another type to consider. Created for rough terrains, this particular type is quite heavy for protection and does not include visors. The best thing about open face helmets for mountain biking is its stability and capacity to stay in place despite aggressive biking.

Lastly, a rider can also choose an all-around mountain bike helmet, which can be stylish and flashy. Though mainly used for road biking, this type also provides stability because of its round half domes and straps for the chin.

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