The Best-Seller Heavy Duty Laundry Stand This 2018

Published February 21, 2018



Laundry is one of the basic household chores. Whether you are living with your family or as a solo dweller, you have to work on your laundry if you don’t want to wear dirty clothes for the rest of the week. Some households do their laundry at home, however, for individuals with limited spare time prefer to go at Laundry service.

Now, if you are the type of person to do his or her own laundry, probably you experience trouble with hanging your clothes especially if you are living in an apartment with a small space. It is difficult to hang all of your laundries and cram them in such a small space. And if you do, your clothes will get wrinkly and those which did not dry properly exude a foul odor.

Are you experiencing a similar situation in your home?

Never let a small space hinder you from your laundry chores. Maximize your area by using a heavy duty laundry rack stand.

A laundry rack stand is indeed a helpful household equipment. It allows you to dry your laundries whether inside your place or outdoors. Moreover, it works excellently in households with small space. By using a laundry rack, you can dry your clothes without having trouble.

This household equipment is an easy find in the market. However, if you are searching for the best laundry stand rack in the market, consult reliable sites that provide quality product reviews such as Smooth Wares.


At Smooth Wares, they provide a detailed buying guideline and a report on the latest household equipment with the support of customer’s satisfaction ratings on each product like a laundry stand. Based on customer’s reviews and feedback, the leading brand of laundry stand this year is Kumaka.

Kumaka is definitely a must-have laundry stand rack. This household tool is sought out by customers due to its wonderful features. The Smooth Wares provides a solid review of the Kumaka full size laundry stand including the amazing features of this equipment. Here are some of the details you can find about this laundry stand from Smooth Wares.

  1. Highly Durable

This laundry stand is 100 percent guaranteed sturdy and heavy duty. It can hold a maximum weight of 55 to 60 kg of clothes. Kumaka is made of powder coated MS pipes which are the reason behind its durability.

  1. Lightweight

One awesome aspect of Kumaka laundry stand rack is the product’s lightweight features. Kumaka is a portable and movable drying stand. You can install outdoors or inside your home if it is raining.

  1. Height

A laundry stand that is too low or too high is never a good choice. It can cause accidents and problems with your laundry. The good thing is Kumaka has the right height to accommodate your laundry. It reaches up to 6 feet from the ground. With this height, you can hang your clothes effortlessly.

  1. Anti-corrosion feature

Rust is a common issue among this kind of product, but not with Kumaka. This brand of laundry stand has an anti-corrosion and anti-rust feature. At Smooth Wares, you can find more information about Kumaka Laundry stand. Visit their website to check this out.

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