Some of the Most Respected Toilet Seat Brands

Published November 26, 2018

Most people find it hard to select the best toilet seats to buy. It can be hard because you have to consider the features, the design, and the materials of the toilet seat. This should however not be the case as this guide will be of benefits to you.


Don’t you want to buy something that can offer you a good return on investment? You can only do that if you take time to study the features and the designs of toilet seats in the market. Do not buy cheap toilets seats because they might not stay long before they begin adding odours to your house.

Here is a list of the some of the most respected toilet seat brands:

  1. Church Wood elongated toilet seat

This’s one of the best designs of toilet seats. The fact that the surface has larger contact with your body makes it among the most popular.

Also, it’s environmentally friendly because it’s made of molded wood, which is of high quality and much better than the plastic type toilet seats.

The gloss finishing makes it comfortable. While it’s normal for ordinary toilet seats to be affected by scratches and stains, the gloss finishing resists any scratch and stains making them durable.

  1. Bath Royale Toilet seat

The second in our list of the most respected toilet seat brands is Bath Royale. This brand sells toilet seats of different types, ranging from commercial business toilet seats to family-type toilet seats with small potty training toilet seat.

What makes this brand stands out is the durability and easy maintenance of the Bath Royale Toilet seats. The design is excellent because it has both open and closed cover seats. The colours, too, are great because you can choose between white, almond, or biscuit colours.

  1. Mayfair toilet seat

If you noticed, standard toilets seats make noise when they close with a thud. It may even injure your fingers if you were putting fingers in the mouth of the toilet seat.

Mayfair toilet seat is among some of the most respected toilet seat brands. It has springs that make the toilet seat close slowly and avoid making noise.

Also, the model is made of durable materials and easy to clean. It might solve your need of looking for the best toilet seat.

  1. Saniflo Toilet seat

Just like the other brands, this one has a great design. This design can fit a small bathroom to the advantage of small bathroom owners who may not be able to install larger toilet seats.

Another thing you would love about this model is that it’s simple to use, and consumes less water when flushing, not mentioning the chrome hinges that make closing the toilet seat slow and soft.


If you intend to buy a toilet seat, do not go for a cheap one and waste money; Invest in a durable and high-quality toilet seat. Some of the most respected toilet seat brands are the ones listed on this blog. You can buy one of them according to your taste.

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