Smart Shopping Tips on How to Choose the Best Griddle

Published August 5, 2019

So, you are thinking of buying a griddle. This equipment is one of the basic cooking tools for restaurants and small diners. It is also the favorite of many grilling enthusiasts. It allows you to cook huge batches of food which is perfect during parties and family gathering.


Looking for a griddle to buy is not as easy as you imagine. Remember that this piece of cookware is expensive. The price range of griddles starts from $ 300 up to $5,000. Hence, you have to choose wisely and pick the right griddle that is suitable for your cooking needs.

To help you find the perfect griddle for your home or business, check out these shopping tips below.

Tip#1 Determine Which Type of Griddle You Prefer

Take note that there are several types of this piece of cookware. Griddles are categorized into two; the personal/home griddle and commercial type.

The home-use griddle is smaller compared to commercial versions. Moreover, you can cook family-size meals with this type of cookware.

On the other hand, commercial griddles are divided into sub-models. The choices available in the market are the following:

  • Commercial Countertop Griddle
  • Commercial Drop-in Griddle
  • Commercial Teppanyaki Griddle

Each of the above commercial griddles has unique aspects and ideal for certain situations. For example, countertop models are best for a kitchen without a specific area to place a griddle.

Meanwhile, the drop-in versions are perfect for a larger kitchen. Unfortunately, this cooking equipment is more expensive and has a complicated installation process.

The teppanyaki model is a subset of drop-in type. The heating element is at the center while the edges are cooler.

Tip#2 Determine the Features you need

As you already know, griddles come in a wide variety of features. You have to consider these factors to assure a good investment. If you are looking for certain features, create a list. Use it as a guide in looking for a griddle. Likewise, this technique will help to narrow your options.

Here are the top factors you have to consider when browsing a griddle.

  • Dimensions
  • Quality of build
  • Easy to understand settings and controls
  • Plate thickness
  • Heat level
  • Fuel type
  • Cost of the product
  • Griddle Advice & Tips

Tip#4 Read Product Reviews

Honestly, reading product reviews is a tedious process. No one wants to spend time browsing online sources to check out the differences between products.

But remember this; consulting product review site is extremely helpful. Reliable sources provide quality information that will help you find out which product is worth spending money. Moreover, it reduces your risk of choosing poor quality products.

One of the most informative and trustworthy sources when it comes to cookware reviews is The Cookware Expert. This website offers Griddle Advice & Tips to assist you in searching for the best cooking equipment in the market. Likewise, the product reviews at this source is a good read. They offer honest comparisons, as well as buying tips.

The Cookware Expert is an excellent guide, particularly for beginners.

Additional Thoughts

Griddle shopping is an overwhelming and daunting experience for a newbie. That is why you need a guide to support you throughout the process.

If you have questions regarding griddles, feel free to consult The Cookware Expert.

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