Six Smart Door Locks Facts You Need to Know

Published October 3, 2020

A smart door lock is the new locking system for better security. Here are the facts about this locking system every rookie must know. 

Smart Door Locks

In today’s age, homes and business establishments need better security than before. A simple mechanical door lock line that uses metal keys can’t stop break-ins and burglaries. What you need is a stronger and more advanced locking system.

A smart door lock gives you peace of mind. This new locking system ensures security and safety and a great option for any home, office, or business. To understand more this locking device, below are the top six facts you need to know about it.

#1 Easy Access 

There are multiple ways to access a smart door lock. This locking device uses Bluetooth function and quickly connects to your smartphone. Also, you can use other program assistants to access the lock. Other locks utilize Wi-Fi networks for easy connectivity, even outside the building’s premises.

Remember that each smart door lock has unique connectivity options. You can check out the to find out the best smart door lock that is suitable for your home.

#2 Monitor your Home Even When on Vacation

A smart door lock allows you to monitor your home from time to time, even when you are away on a business trip or while you are on vacation. Many smart door locks come with an application, wherein you can manage the security system regardless of your location. Thus, you can lock and unlock your home with this device.

#3 It is Difficult to Hack

Any technology can be hacked. While it is possible to hack a smart door lock, however, it is less likely to happen. A smart locking system such as this offers tighter security compared to the standard locking mechanism. A common burglar won’t be able to unlock the device. It takes an expert for a smart door lock to be forced open.

But take note that once the lock senses a strong action, it will automatically send a notification to your smartphone.

#4 Record the Entry and Exit Activities of Your Home

Smart door locks feature an internal memory card. The program records all the entry and exit activities, from the date, time, and person.

If an unfortunate event happens, you can always scan the smart lock’s record to find out what truly occurred.

#5 It Takes an Expert to Pick a Smart Lock

There are no locks that can’t be picked. However, smart door locks are more secure and challenging to open. One has to be an expert to manipulate this type of door lock. An ordinary burglar or intruder won’t be able to open a smart door locking system forcefully.

If a smart door lock is not enough of a security measure, you can always install deadbolts on your door for stronger security.

#6 Smart Locks Need Power Source

Such a locking system depends on battery power. A technical device such as this operates using batteries. Most smart locks provide notification before it runs out of battery. However, some don’t have a battery lifespan. Make sure to choose a smart door lock that has at least two years of battery lifespan.


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