Signs that Your Ex-Girlfriend Wants You Back

Published October 31, 2019

The love you found today might not be the one to last forever. Sometimes it takes years and years before you find the right person whom you’ll share the rest of your life. Unfortunately, the journey towards finding love also comes with heartaches.


A break-up is a door closing to end one chapter of your life. However, there are occasions wherein these doors towards your heart suddenly barges open. And behold who’s opening the door! It is the same person who is the reason why you’re nursing the wounds in your heart.

Indeed, a woman is one of the greatest mysteries in life. They keep changing minds, making everything confusing; including your relationship. Now, if your ex-girlfriend is hinting you to get back together, how can you tell if she wants it for real and not only experimenting with you?

Here are some signs that will help you figure out if your ex-girlfriend is sincere with her intentions.

Sign#1 She Starts Communicating with You

A text message from your ex-girlfriend out of the blue is one clue that she wants to rekindle a relationship with you. At first, she might say she wants the two of you to get on speaking terms and be friends. But once these messages become successive, and if she starts hinting it on social media, then she’s certainly interested in you.

Sign#2 She Keeps on Checking Up on You

If your ex-girlfriend is still asking about you through your circle of friends and families, it is one big clue that she wants you back. Also, if she keeps talking about how your relationship might have turned out and constantly worries about your situation, it is positive that she’s still into you.

Sign#3 She is Emotional but is Trying Hard to Hang with You

An ex-girlfriend who is always emotional about you and how your relationship turned out means she didn’t want it to end; and if she tries to hang together with your friends, it is for the sake of seeing you.

Sign# 4 She’s Adamant and Serious of Getting Back with You

If your ex-girlfriend directly says she wants to give your broken relationship another chance, then she probably is. If she shows willingness through her actions and words despite how minimal your reaction is, her intentions are indeed true.

Sign#5 She Can’t Hold Back Getting Mesmerized with You

An ex-girlfriend who still loves his ex-partner can’t help to gaze at him and admire everything he does. She can’t hold back herself in supporting you, even if it hurts her that you won’t look at her the same way.


Not all broken relationships are doomed; some deserve a second chance. And who knows, maybe breaking up with her is the way that will make her realize her love for you.

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