Is Magic Mushroom the Solution to Stopping Depression and Anxiety?

Published September 18, 2020

Mental illness affects the well-being and quality of life of a person. And it picks no age, education, economical status, and culture. In Canada alone, according to the statistics of Canadian Mental health Association, there is approximately 8 percent of adults who suffer from major depression at some point in their life. Mental illness is quite common in Canada. The same organization says that about 50 percent of the population will have or have had a mental illness by the age of 40. In this number, most people who have mental illness are diagnosed with depression and anxiety.


Depression and anxiety are two top mental illnesses that lead to suicide. The primary causes of depression and anxiety are the interplay of genetic background, personality, and environmental factors as well. When untreated, these psychological problems can lead to suicidal thoughts and the actual taking of life.

Neglect and discrimination are not the solutions to these psychological problems. If one of you or one of your loved ones is suffering from either depression or anxiety, what you need to do is find help from a professional.

Today, there are various methodologies available for treating depression and anxiety. One of the most popular options is using traditional or alternative medications, such as using psilocybin.

Psilocybin is a hallucinogenic substance found in magic mushrooms, also known as shrooms. Be warned that the psilocybin is an illegal substance in Canada, similar to cannabis. Both possession and growing of psilocybin are illegal in the country. However, you can buy it for medical purposes. Magic mushrooms are openly sold through online markets but in a limited purchase. Additionally, they online shroom dispensaries only prioritize buyers with medical conditions that need shroom treatment. One of the leading online sources wherein you can get premium shrooms is found here,

How Does it Help in Treating Depression and Anxiety? 

Magic mushroom contains psilocybin – a hallucinogen – that relaxes the mind. It is a natural anti-depressant and anxiety reliever. It stops depressive symptoms and helps patients to break out from their depressive state.

Psilocybin is a fast-acting depression and anxiety relief. When administered carefully, improvements will manifest in a matter of a week. Likewise, it has long-lasting results, unlike some depression and anxiety treatments that have short-term effects.

If you are planning to use shrooms, be warned that psilocybin is a strong hallucinogenic substance. You need to learn shroom-micro dosing to prevent its side-effects such as hallucinations, disorientation, nausea, dulling of sensations, and nightmares. It is why experts always recommend beginners to ask help from experienced shroom users. Taking the wrong dosage can lead to ‘bad trips.’

Before you take magic mushroom, consult reliable online sources like the Shrooms Index. They will teach you how to correctly manage magic mushrooms. Also, they can help you find the best quality shrooms online for the best psilocybin experience.


Magic mushrooms can help combat depression and anxiety. Using this substance will improve your physical performance, productivity, and mental wellness. But don’t forget to ask help from the experts to avoid the side-effects of psilocybin.

Don’t let depression and anxiety stop you from being a productive person. Now is your chance to be the best you can be.


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