Is Deep Frying a Better than Pan Frying?

Published December 17, 2019

It is difficult to resist a delicious and mouth-watering fried food. It is even more challenging if the said fried food is your favorite.


Although the savory goodness of fried food is like a piece of heaven, take note of the risks that come with eating too much deep-fried food. It can lead to chronic health problems, including heart disease, hypertension, and type-2 diabetes. If you and your family are fond of eating deep-friend meals, make sure to do it in moderation, or as much as possible limit the consumption.

When talking about fried foods, one thing that comes into mind is the method of frying. Some prefer deep-fried, whereas there are individuals who fancy pan-fried foods. But the question is this; how does deep frying and pan frying differ?

Pan Frying Advantages 

One of the reasons why some choose pan-fried foods over deep-fried is the limited amount of oil on the food.

Pan-frying does not require submerging the food in hot oil. As a result, pan-fried food does not have that crispy outer layer that many crave. On the other hand, the inside surface of the food stays soft.

Since you are using a lesser amount of oil, the cooking process is less messy compared to deep frying.

Pan Frying Drawbacks

The main reason why some do not like pan-frying is the lack of crispness in the food’s outer surface. And, you can’t fry large batches of food in a pan, unlike deep fryers that have a larger capacity.

Take note that pan-frying means the oil only cooks half of the food’s surface. Hence, you have to monitor the food and turn it over the cook the underside.

Deep Frying Advantages

Deep frying food results in crispy and golden-brown food exterior. Moreover, you can cook a large number of food servings in a deep fryer. There are in fact, deep fryers designed to hold a large capacity of food

Furthermore, modern deep fryers are technologically advanced. They have temperature controls and a timer to assure the food is properly cooked. Likewise, it allows you to achieve the right texture, moisture, and tenderness of the food.

Unfortunately, not all deep fryers feature a timer and a wide range of temperature levels. Thus, to help you pick the highest rated deep fryer with such features, go to the Cooking Expert.

Deep Frying Drawbacks

As you have read from above, deep frying involves submerging the food in boiling oil. Therefore, the food will absorb the oil, increasing its number of calories and fats.

Too much consumption of deep-fried foods is unhealthy. It can lead to health problems and chronic diseases. That is why you have to limit eating this kind of food.

Aside from the health issues that come with deep-fried food, deep-frying is quite messy. The oil will splatter all over your kitchen counter. But the good thing is you can avoid this problem by purchasing a high-quality deep fryer with a secured lid.


It is up to you to choose whether to deep fry or pan-fry food. Also, you have to remember that some meals do not require deep-frying like for example, bacon.

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