Indoor Hammock Chair Installation: Made Easy

Published September 14, 2020

Are you planning to invest in an indoor hammock chair?

There are a lot of unique and well-styled hammock chairs in the market today and installing one at home will add new flavor to your current home interior design. However, to make it safe and comfortable to use, here are a few useful indoor hammock chair installation tips that are made easy.

Indoor Hammock

Tip#1: Look for the right spot to install the hammock

There are several unique-styled hammocks in the market today; some are ideally designed for bedroom use, while others are great for front porch addition. If you are going to invest in a hammock chair for indoor use, you should consider which part of the house you are planning to set it up. If you have not decided yet but are itching to purchase one now, look for an indoor hammock chair with a versatile design – versatile enough to compliment whatever interior design your room has.

Are you planning to hang the hammock chair at the ceiling or are you planning to set it up with a hammock stand? If you are going to hang the hammock chair at the ceiling, you have to check if the ceiling can hold your weight.

Tip #2: Prepare the materials and the tools

Unlike using a hammock stand, setting up a hammock chair at the ceiling can be a bit daunting, especially when new to this kind of installation. Here are the things you need to install your hammock chair:

  • Power drill (1/4 inches drill bit)
  • Stud finder (if you are quite unsure where the ceiling studs or beam is located)
  • Pencil
  • Ceiling mount or a base plate that can hold up to 330 + lbs.
  • Swivel bracket (this will allow you to turn the chair 360 degrees without putting stress on the chair)
  • Spring extension. If you have an 8-feet ceiling, choose 18 inches spring extension. However, if you have a taller ceiling add another extension; you can either use approved hammock rope or chain. There are several types of extension; you may choose to use a universal hanging kit or hanging kit with a chain or tree rope hanging kit.
  • Screws at 1.25 inches – 2 inches long.
  • Ladder (to help you set up the hammock chair to the ceiling).

Tip #3: Follow these quick step

  • Using the stud finder locate the beam or the joist and mark the area where you’ll be drilling in the screw for the base plate.
  • Screw the mounting plate or the base plate to the ceiling. Make sure to secure it well.
  • Hang the hammock chair according to the recommended seat height (18 inches from the floor) or a little lower if your child will be using it too.
  • Do a quick installation check before allowing anyone to use it, especially your child.

For more detailed instructions on how to hang hammock chair from ceiling, you may check it out at The Patio Chair’s website – a reliable review and informative site.

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Hammock installation on the ceiling can be daunting for some; however, with reliable posts like this, hanging your hammock chair at home is now made easy.

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