Important Things to Check Before Driving Your Car

Published December 7, 2017


Your car could take you anywhere you want despite the distance. But, before you even take your car out of your garage, you would need to check it for any possible problems that might come out when you are driving, especially if you are going on a long trip. Checking it would prevent accidents that vehicle malfunctions can cause.

  1. Tires

One of the most important things to check is the tires. A worn tire or a flat could lead to serious vehicular accidents. Make sure that all your tires are properly aired. Check for any possible wearing, too. Not all problems can be seen easily. So, you might want to run your hands or fingers through the surface and crevices of the tire to make sure that there are no sharp objects stuck on the rubber. – Your spare tire should also be checked. Properly air it before putting it back in its case. You wouldn’t know if you would need it.

  1. Oil

Do not forget the most important – fuel. You might think that this is too obvious. But, there are still a lot of car owners who would forget or ignore the signs that their car is already low on fuel. You would not want to be stuck somewhere because of your carelessness, especially during a long drive to the country where gas stations are miles away from each other. – You should also check other fluids in the car – brake fluid, coolant, steering fluid, and more. See to it that there are no leaks whatsoever. Check under and inside the car. Use your sense of smell to identify if there are leaks you couldn’t see.

  1. Battery

Have the battery tested and check it for cracks or leaks. It is important that your battery is working properly for all the other parts of the car to function well, too. Check your wirings and make sure that all the lights are working fine.

  1. Gauges

The gauges on your dashboard would tell you very important details about your fuel, battery, speed, and even when something’s wrong with the engine. Make sure that all the gauges are working. – In addition to this, make sure that your air conditioning is also properly working. Check the vents and controls.

  1. Windshield

Your windshield is your first line of defense when something happens. Make sure that there are no cracks before taking your car out for a long drive. You should see through it clearly and without problems. – You should also check your wipers and sprayer to make sure they work. To be able to diagnose your car better, you might also want to use a diagnostic scanner tool to check for other problems or malfunctions that you couldn’t see or feel.

A scanner is a device you can connect to your car which scans the vehicle for any possible issues and then gives you a code. The codes have corresponding meanings as to what part of the car is damaged and would need attention. Check out this Autel Maxisys Elite review to know more about such kinds of tools.


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