Importance of Having a Coffee Machine in the Office

Published January 10, 2019

Coffee is the most traded commodity in the world, just after oil, which holds the top position. A good cup of coffee in the morning is the best way to start your day in the morning and a great companion during the whole day so you will still need it during different times of the day. But coffee losses its importance if it is not from a good coffee machine in the office.


At work, a coffee pot is not enough to satisfy everyone’s cravings that differ from one person to another. Someone wants espresso, another cappuccino, or latte which they can only find if a coffee machine is standing somewhere in the office. Recent studies have shown that having a coffee machine is an important perk in the workplace that proves to the employees that employers really care about them. So it is a fact that a coffee machine in the workplace is becoming a necessity, it is even surpassing the need for pen and papers in the recent days.

Why you need a coffee machine in the workplace

Having a coffee machine at work does not only benefit the employees but in the end, it improves the working environment too increasing the productivity of the workers. If still you don’t see why you need a coffee machine at work here are four reasons to get one.

1. It improves the productivity of employees

Caffeine is a strong stimulant that helps keep the employee alert and free from sluggishness. It increases their endurance and energy. During the workday, people experience a decline in their mental ability and they tend to stop and relax before slowly getting back to normalcy. This can be hard and impossible if you are working under too much pressure and when you are working for very long hours to the extent that you hardly get enough time. it is the world we are living in, more work and less or no play, so we need a boost and coffee comes I to help almost instantly. A good cup of freshly ground coffee will make your employees alert, relaxed and sharp at work.

2. Coffee improves networking

Taking a coffee break with employees has become a widespread culture in many offices. Having coffee with co-workers is a perfect way foster relationships, share your thoughts, and network in a more relaxed way that is not supervised like having meetings. The swedes have a phrase for this culture, ‘Fika’, and they have a belief that most work gets to be done during coffee breaks. During such breaks new ideas are born.

3. A coffee machine makes workers happy

Caffeine increases the feel good mood by reducing the reabsorption of dopamine and serotonin. A happy employee is an employee that will guarantee good work is done.

You definitely want such employees who are happy, alert, social and who come up with new ideas that will ensure your business grows and the profits increase, this means you need a coffee machine so you should visit and get that coffee machine that will turn your office around.

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