Ideas on How to Begin Collecting Replica Super Bowl Rings

Published November 30, 2018

Each year the major sports conduct their seasonal games to name the next champion. But for a true NFL fan, there is nothing more exciting than the Super Bowl.


The Super Bowl is one of the big league games in the world for American football. Various teams from different states compete with one another to determine who deserves to win the Super Bowl Cup. For sure, you have been watching this game every season either at your home or live. And, among other things you probably have a collection of memorabilia for every season.

The NFL winning team receives a champion gear, six-figure bonuses, exposure through endorsement deals and expensive contracts. But the most iconic symbol of the winning team is Super Bowl rings.

The Super Bowl rings are awarded to the winning team. Each member receives a ring that cost thousands of dollars. The ring is made of gold band encrusted with diamonds. On the face of the ring are the Super Bowl Season and the name of the champion.

Replica Super Bowl rings are one of the most collected items compared to NFL gears, caps, and posters. Many NFL fans are attracted to these jewel-encrusted rings since it is a symbol of a big win. In fact, you can find several stores that sell replica Super Bowl Rings.

So, do you want to begin your own collection of Super Bowl Rings?

If you do, here are some ideas on how to get started with your collection.

Who’s your team?

Every fan has their own team to bet on. Start collecting Super Bowl rings of your favorite team. Know their championship wins over the course of Super Bowl from its first season. Begin your collection on their first win and up to the latest.

For example, if you are a fan of 49ers, you would probably start looking for a replica ring on their winning year in 1981 Super Bowl XVI, 1984 Super Bowl XIX, 1988 Super Bowl XXII, 1989 Super Bowl XXIV, and 1994 Super Bowl XXIX.

Where to Find a Quality Super Bowl replica ring?

There are individuals and stores which sell replica Super Bowl rings illegally. Most replica rings from such stores have poor quality. The color easily fades and the ring bad loos like plastic. Beware on such stores especially if you are planning to buy replica rings online. Make sure to deal with a trusted store like the Big Game Rings.

The Big Game Rings is the official store of Super Bowl replica rings collectors. Their product is quite impressive. The rings resemble the original ones from the color to diamond-like crystals. Moreover, they have a complete collection of rings from various NFL teams. For example, the Big Game Rings 49ers replica Super Bowl rings make great gifts. You can also get a whole set of these rings at a more affordable price.

The Big Games Ring is your most trusted source of major game rings. Check out their website if you want to take a peek of their impressive collections.

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