How to Revamp Your Old Car and Make It Look Luxurious

Published August 29, 2018

You probably bought your car some years back, a time when it was the hottest ride in town but now, years later, it looks outdated and no longer luxurious. Don’t worry, you don’t have to let it go, because first you love it, second you are so attached to it( maybe it is a souvenir from your late friend or relative) and in addition it is has the best engine you have ever come across. Just spend a few bucks on it and make it look as good as new and luxurious just like the latest rides around; old is gold. Here are a few ideas.


  1. Work on the music system

An old car can feel so much new with the best audio system, it makes the car atmosphere feel so relaxed and happy. Who likes driving miles in silence! I bet no one so get some quality audio. Crystal Stereo can guarantee quality audio at very affordable prices, after all, revamping your car should not cost the price of a new car!

  1. Give it a new look

The most detrimental feature of your car is its look so make it stand out. your car should not go around looking its age, make it shine like it was bought just the other day so paint it as soon as it gets a scratch or when the paint fades. You can as well go for wrapping your car with vinyl, which comes in many colors, textures and finishes.

  1. Install an accident avoidance system

Latest cars come with a collision avoidance system but that doesn’t mean that your car is locked out from having the same feature. Thanks to Mobileye-560, your old car can as well have a lane exit alert. It can detect a pedestrian just as the latest expensive luxurious rides have.

  1. Revamp your seats

Ensure that your seats are not only comfy but that they can also hold you intact even when driving on an uneven terrain. Many at times you find yourself readjusting yourself in God knows how many times and that is the sole cause of fatigue. The secret to reducing that fatigue and making your car more user friendly is when you upgrade your car seats.

  1. Make your car sound proof

Luxury and noise reduction goes hand in hand so to make your car look luxurious you need to ensure that unnecessary noise is locked out. to lock out the noise all you need is a dense mat that you place on the floor, the roof and on the doors and your car will be as quiet as a brand new Audi.  Apart from blocking the sound, the heavy material will also help regulating your car’s temperature.

  1. Place a new carpet

The fact is that a when your car is getting old, the amount of dirt, mucus, dust and other stuff you don’t want to think about have settled on your carpet and it is both healthy and neat to replace it with a cleaner, better quality carpet. It will also improve the smell of your car because the dirty carpet can produce a really bad stench.

Making your car look luxurious should not be so costly and most procedures are DIY but work with a mechanic to do some improvements, which you can’t do by yourself to keep your car from damage

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