How to Maintain an Elliptical

Published November 27, 2018

Most experts claim that an elliptical knows no fitness level. You can easily adapt to your elliptical because most of them are designed with features that are adjustable. Nonetheless, if you are new to fitness exercises it is advisable that you consult first with a physician before using an elliptical. You should also check them out before you make the final decision of buying one.


Just like any other fitness equipment, elliptical are also subject to wear and tear. This mostly depends of on the quality of the brand, amount of usage and age of your equipment. It essential that you know how to maintain an elliptical so that you avoid the problem of hiring a local fitness equipment repair expert every now and then. Here are some of the tips that will help you get the most out of your elliptical for an extended period of time.

Regular Greasing Sessions

You were probably given a small tube of grease when you bought an elliptical. You should not that this is a very essential ingredient to the assembly of your equipment. You should use that grease to lubricate the moving components of your elliptical regularly. You can then pick up some more from the local hardware store if it runs out. Experts have advised that you should not use a product known as WD40 in lubricating your elliptical. This is because it tends to attract debris and dust into the components over time. This will result to an effect that is opposite to the purpose which was intended. You can use WD40 for eliminating small squeaks, but do not use it in place of the normal grease.


An elliptical will most likely turn out to be one of the most expensive item in your home. You should therefore insist on 1 year manufacturer’s full warranty or more. You will realize that most brands offer a limited warranty on the elliptical. You should make sure whatever you buy outlasts the 1 or 2 year period, and after that, there will be no need for spending more money on extended warranties.


You should buy a cover for your elliptical if you have one that did not come with a cover. Covering your elliptical will protect it from getting dirty. You will therefore extend the lifetime of your equipment. If nothing there is no cover that fits your machine, or you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on buying one, an outdoor grill cover will also do just fine.

Hire a pro

There are instances that will require you to seek for the services of fitness equipment maintenance and repair experts. You obviously won’t be able to fix a problem which originates from inside the elliptical.

The most important thing that you should do is to educate yourself on the mantainenece measures prior to making a purchase decision. When the time comes you should invest in a well-designed and durable elliptical that will serve your workout needs for many years without any trouble.

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