How To Choose The Right Toilet Seat

Published September 23, 2017

heated toilet seat

Choosing the right toilet was always perceived as a simple matter of only finding most suitable design only. However, in the current world you need to make choices on several aspects such as the various types of mounting, the methods of flushing, the shapes of the bowls and whether you want a heated toilet seat among other many considerations. Each available option is accompanied by cons and pros therefore, it is you to choose what is right to you. Some of the tips that will get you to the right choice of the toilet seat include;

1. Measuring for fitness.

The first step is always finding the in measurements of your current toilet so that the model you go for can fit your bathroom. The in distance are generally the distance lining up with bolts holding down, from the toilet’s wall to flange of the toilet center. For toilets having two bolts on every side, measure the distance to the bolt at the back. Standard distance is about twelve inches although most toilets it a distance between 11 and 13 inches. You can get a smaller distance seat than your current toilet seat but it will have some gap from the wall and the toilet.
As you choose the toilet as per distance, also consider the performance of flushing of the various modes available. Choose models with high performance in flushing such that it takes away your waste without clogging.

2. Choosing the design.

While making a choice of the right toilet seat you have to decide whether you need wall-mounted design, two-piece or one-piece. The most common ones are two=piece. The plumbing fixtures come with a tank and bowl which can be purchased separately or together. Since the availability of two-piece is high in the market, going for that design gives you a chance of choosing the one you want from vast choices.
One-piece on the other hand come as a package with lid, bowl, tanks and any other part combined. The biggest advantage associated with this design is its few leaks. They are also easy to clean as they have less joints and crevices. They have an appealing sleek and smaller size appearance. However, compared to the other designs, they are the most expensive.

3. Deciding on the type of bowl

Toilet bowls have two different shapes which are round and elongated. The elongated bowls measure about two to three inches longer at the front compared to round bowls. Elongated bowls also can measure as large as thirty one inches while round bowls measure maximum twenty eight inches. Even though elongated ones occupy much space, it has numerous advantages including giving comfort to the elderly or those who are physically impaired as the seat supports them fully. The bowls are also good in holding odors back and retain less soil. The oval streamlined shape is also very appealing.
However, if your bathroom is small, elongated bowls are inconvenient and also they are far much costly than the round bowls.

4. Deciding on the height of the seat.

The standard height for toilet seats is fifteen inches. The height is comfortable for most individuals but it is recommended that you should choose a seat with a higher height. Toilet seats of about seventeen inches are termed as comfort height and best suit individuals who are physically impaired and the elderly.

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