How to Choose a Quality Running Belt

Published April 3, 2018

Running gears and accessories like a running belt are used to offer comfort and convenience to users. Using a running belt gives you the pleasure of bringing your personal items without these things being a bother to your activities. If you want to do your run comfortably, then, purchase your personal running belt.

1Searching for the best running belt will surely take some time. Given the several brands of this product, handpicking one can be a bit of a problem. Thus, to help you choose the right running belt for your running routine, biking, hiking or travel experience, here are some tips that you can use.


Though not all pay attention to the aesthetics of a running belt, yet this aspect is important in selecting this running gear. Identify first what you expect in your running belt. For instance, its color, style, and size. Doing so will help to narrow down your options. And, you can get the running belt base on your style and preference.

Storage Space 

Another important feature that you must check before buying a running belt is its storage capacity. Pick out a running belt with plenty of storage space that is sufficient to store your personal belongings such as your phone, wallet, etc. Some running belt brand has limited storage space. Therefore, see first the number of pockets and the size of each pocket of the running belt you plan to buy. If you are searching one with spacious storage with zipper lock, you can consider StashBandz among your options.

Type of Material 

Running makes you sweat profusely, especially if you are doing physical activities during the summer season. Your sweat can cause the growth of bacteria in the running belt you use. It is what causes skin irritation after using bacteria infested running belt. You can avoid such situation if you know what type of running belt to choose. When you are browsing through your options, choose a running belt that made of Spandex fabric. This material is soft to the skin and feels comfortable to wear. Moreover, Spandex fabric has antibacterial treatment. Thus, a running belt made from this material will prevent the spread of bacteria to your skin. Also, such fabric is moisture and sweat resistant, hence it won’t get too wet while you are running or doing exercises.

Multifunction Use 

If you want to invest in a quality running belt, better yet choose one with multifunction use. Yes, there is a running belt brand which you can use in different ways. StashBandz, for example, is running belt that is an excellent waist pack, insulin pump, and travel belt. You can also use this running belt as an ice or heat pack to heal back pain and menstrual cramps.

If you need more details and a buying guide to help you select a good running belt brand, you can go to Outdoor Fitlab.

The Outdoor Fitlab renders detailed information and reviews on the latest brands of running belts on the market today. You can visit their website to read more reviews about different running belt brands.

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