Growing up as the first born I cannot seem to stop being overprotective of my adult siblings

Published November 4, 2016

siblingsGrowing up as the first born girl with a gap of several years between me and my other siblings made me very responsible from a tender age. There is a gap of five years between me and our second born who is my younger sister. After her is our brother who is two years her junior. As it is, when my sister was being born I was already running around and could understand several things. When my mother was nursing or taking care of my little sister she would send me around on little chores such as fetching light things for her.

As I grew older, and my brother was born, the chores increased. My mother was busier around the house taking care of the two infants. Since I was now a big girl of seven, I could be trusted with many more responsibilities. I loved being assigned the responsibilities; it made me feel quite grown up and I strived to always do my very best. With time I became a very important help for my mother around the house.

With more responsibilities, I got to become very good at many house hold chores. I also became very good at caring for my younger siblings. When they were older and they started tottering around the compound, it was my duty to keep a watchful eye over them to ensure that they did not wander beyond their borders and that they did not do anything harmful to themselves. I also had to be keen to watch out that they did not go around damaging delicate stuff around the house.

Since I was in charge of them from an early age, they also came to respect me a lot and they looked up to me as a substitute to our mom.

My relationship with my siblings with me having a protective authority over them has continued to this day despite us being independent adults. I am especially protective of my brother. Maybe it is because he is the youngest or maybe because he can be so careless.

I am especially at war with him every now and then because of his house. My brother lives in a small cramped apartment that barely has room for one to move around. The studio apartment has very little furniture and the main furniture in the entire apartment is his small futon. The sleeper sofa was once a beautiful piece but it has since faded into an abysmal utility item. My brother however loves it a great deal and he is very attached to it.

My brother’s room is also a put off for me due to its humidity. The room reeks of mold and mildew but my brother never seems to notice it. This is despite his clothes being gradually destroyed by mold. I am thinking of buying him a whole house dehumidifier for I fear that the humidity in the house might make him sick.

I have tried to ask him to find a better house to live in but he doesn’t seem to understand why I am always fussing.

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