Finding The Right College No Matter What The Career

Published April 29, 2015

Choosing a major can be a stressful time for any student. You may have a specific subject in mind but you always have that difficult task of narrowing it down to specific study. Many times it comes down to whether or not you want to discover more about humans or the earth itself. Students just have to find where their strengths are and where their passions lie. What were you most successful with in high school? What did you actually enjoy doing while in class? I picked two subjects to go over, marine biology and zoology to give you an idea of what such vastly different sciences entail and how to choose between the two.

A marine biologist studies marine organisms and how they behave and interact with the environment. This is a very broad field to get into so most marine biologists tend to pick a specific area that they are interested in. This is such an important job because at some point into the future we may have to look to the ocean for more of our resources. So, the more we know about the ocean, the better chances it will protect us in the future. This requires an extensive amount of coursework and a lot of hands-on learning and training.

There are several colleges and universities that offer marine biology as a major and have excellent programs. Harvard University provides both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree program that will set you back about $45,000 a year. The University of Miami offers a Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD in the subject with a cost of about $42,000 a year for tuition. The University of California Santa Barbara offers a Bachelor’s and Master’s program for about $12,000 a year for residents. They also have a doctorate program for marine biology as well. All of these colleges are excellent choices but there are multiple options out there for you so make sure you do your research.

Zoology is a career field one might choose if they have an interest in animals and working in zoos. You must first obtain a major in zoology or animal biology. Schools that offer this are: Michigan State University, Miami University of Oxford, OH, Duke University, Idaho State University, and North Carolina State University, just to name a few. Most of these colleges offer both Master’s and Doctorate degree programs in the field.

No matter what you enjoy doing when it comes to biology or science, there is surely a major and the perfect career waiting out there for you. Doing what you love to do is what is most important. Do plenty of research before choosing your school.

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