Everything about Electric Scooters

Published July 10, 2019

If you are in an urban setting, that thing you probably dread the most is enduring the hassle of commuting and heavy traffic. At some point, you’ve probably considered a faster, more convenient and affordable way of getting to your everyday destinations. Electric scooter may have been one of your options but you still have no idea what works the best for you. When you shop for an electric scooter, there are some things that you should check on before making a final decision and in the website Scooters Dream, they highlight the key things that you should really pay attention to.



Depending on the size and other factors, there is a wide selection of power options. It is usually divided into four major categories: 250W, 500W, 750W, and 1,000W. Of course, with greater power comes greater responsibility; so with greater top speeds and ability to climb gentle slopes.


In terms of top speed, electric scooters have models for kids that run below 10mph, and for adults that range from 15-25mph up to the most powerful ones that offer top speed of 30-40mph. This mostly depends on the drive train and the weight of both the scooter and the driver.

Battery Type

Aside from motors, electric scooters have batteries that are needed to run. There are usually two types of batteries: one is lead acid that takes a lot of time to charge, and the other is lithium-ion that is more efficient. They have different capacities that determine the range and runtime of the scooter, as well as the amount of power or current to be supplied to the motor. Bigger batteries are most likely to have higher capacities.

Weight Limit

Another thing to consider when choosing a scooter is its weight limit. This depends on the overall weight of the scooter and varies depending on the type and quality of the construction, power and weight of the battery, and the type and size of the motor. Most of the available models now have weight limits between 150 and 300lbs.


When you shop for anything, it is important to consider the brand. With regards to electric scooters, Glion, Segway, GoPed, and Razor are among the most popular brands out there that make a name in the market.

There are some questions people frequently ask about electric scooters and Scooters Dream took time to answer these queries. When it comes to how fast the scooters usually go, it depends on the motor power. It can reach anywhere between 7 or 8 and 40 miles per hour, depending also on the rider’s weight.

Most of the scooters available take 3-8 hours to fully charge, and most of them feature LED recharge indicators that turn green when the battery is full. It is also highlighted that one should recharge the scooter after every use, even if the battery is not fully consumed. This is to prolong the battery’s life and to shorten the recharge time as well. Usually, scooters only have 40-60 minutes of running time after a single charge but some may take up to 80-90 minute.

If you are wondering if electric scooters are legal, well you don’t have to worry because the answer is yes; but you just have to make sure you’re always equipped with safety gears and to follow traffic rules.

These are only a glimpse but if you wish to read more and know the most recommended electric scooters, you may visit https://scootersdream.com/best-electric-scooter-complete-reviews-with-comparisons/ because Scooters Dream got you covered!

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