Effective Yoga: Tips to do Yoga at Home for First-time Yogi

Published December 15, 2019

For first-time yogi (person who practices yoga), doing all the yoga poses is not easy, especially when you are doing it at home and without any guidance from a professional yoga instructor.


If you wanted to get started with yoga but you can’t join yoga classes for any particular reason, here are some useful yoga tips from advanced yogis that were especially collected for the first-time yogi, like you.

Tip #1: Set a schedule

Setting a schedule for yoga will help you become well-driven to do yoga religiously.

When you set a schedule for yoga, it must be at least three times a week and must be at the same day and time per week; for instance, you chose Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at 5 a.m., it has to be the same days and time the following weeks. This type of yoga scheduling gives your body enough time to heal from possible muscle tissue damages due to extensive yoga poses.

Tip #2: At least aim 30 to an hour of yoga

For beginners, you shouldn’t push yourself to do yoga poses that are too difficult to follow and you mustn’t push yourself to extend your yoga time more than an hour because if you try to do yoga poses that are beyond your current capabilities and extend the time of your yoga session, you will end up discouraged and distracted.

One step-at-a-time – yoga is not a race by the way.

Tip #3: Set a comfortable yoga spot

Doing yoga does not require you to have a big space at home; all you need is a yoga mat, a flat and even surface to place the mat, and with fewer obstacles. This means you have to make enough space for you to do yoga poses without the risk of bumping into one of your chairs, the table, and anything that is within the area where you’ll practice yoga.

Tip #4: Wear the right yoga attire

If you want to get comfortable while practicing yoga, you have to wear the right attire. There are a lot of options for yoga attire that you can choose to wear every yoga session; however, you have to choose a yoga attire that fits you right – not too sexy and not too big, just the right size.

Tip #5: Choose your routine

There are several types of yoga – some are restorative, while others are to boost the body.

Before you practice any yoga that you found online, you have to choose which yoga routine fits you. Yoga of different styles has a different purpose; there are yoga techniques that are linked to breathing, while others are too advanced for beginners to follow.

Here are the most popular types of yoga that you should read more:

  • Vinyasa Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Iyengar Yoga
  • Bikram Yoga
  • Jivamukti Yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • Sivananda Yoga
  • Yin Yoga

If you’ll be doing yoga poses and techniques, you have to understand the aforementioned types of yoga. Also, if you need additional details about effective and healthy yoga, try to visit this website yogazenlife.com.

Final Thoughts

Yoga has calming effects – both mind and body.

If you are planning to do yoga at home, you have to set a schedule for your yoga session, each session should not exceed 1 hour, and choose your routine that is not too much for your current capabilities.

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