Coupon Discount Types

Published January 9, 2018



If you want to make the most of your discount coupons then it pays to understand everything about them. Of course, you need to know what was offered so you will know what to expect. Here are the 10 types of discounts often offered:

  1. Discounted amount offered

This is the amount subtracted from the original cost. Sometimes, the discounted amount comes with a restriction like a deduction of a certain percent when a certain amount is reached upon purchase. However, make sure that you do not overspend just to be able to avail of the offered deal.

  1. BOGO coupons or “buy one take one coupon”.

This is commonly used as well. And it offers great savings. However, you need not use the coupon if you don’t need the item that was sold in the first place. But a deal is worthless unless you need the item that was offered.

  1. Buy one and avail half of the second item.

It is similar to the “buy one take one coupon” though it does not have the same amount of savings. However, it can still add up to your savings.

  1. Buy several items and get one free.

It is one type of a BOGO coupon. It works well for your staple items which you often buy in bulk. Hence, it is practical to avail for this promo. However, if the item is not deeded, then it is just throwing your money in the sink.

  1. Members’ coupons.

Sometimes, the discount coupon is given to members of a loyalty club or group. It works best for you if you don’t buy the discounted items by impulse. Applying as a member just to get the discount coupon is not a wise move as well.

  1. Free items on every purchase.

Sometimes, purchasing a certain amount allows you to avail discounts from a store. If you have the intention to buy the product with or without the freebie then may as well go ahead and buy the item and have the free item as a consolation. But if the free item will just add up to the clutter in your home then better not have it if you have no intention to use it.

  1. Free item

Sometimes, you don’t need to pay for the item at all. This is common among promotional items. It is one form of marketing technique so more people will know more about the newly introduced product. And getting additional items without any cost is surely something that works to your advantage.

  1. Free shipment

Look for this offer when you do your online shopping. This saves you from paying an extra cost apart from the retail price of the item that was bought.

  1. Rebate Coupons

This gives back some part of the money that you spent but it will require you to send the receipt of your purchase. If you haven’t used any discount coupon before, you can check out this post about coupon codes for Amazon in India.


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