Consumer’s Guide: How to Choose the Right Facial Brush for your Skin

Published September 8, 2018

In the world of beauty care, facial brushing faces a lot of arguments about whether it is healthy to use it or not. Despite the negative reviews, several skincare lovers, including the facialists and dermatologists, agree that facial brush has more to offer than washing the face ordinarily.


What does facial cleansing brush do?

In comparison to ordinary facial cleansing, the facial brush can clean the skin deep into the pores. It specifically unclogs the pores from environmental stressors such as dirt, pollution, and even from your makeup. Also, it helps improve circulation, promoting facial glow.

If you are currently looking for facial brushes that won’t disappoint you, here are some tips on how to choose the right facial brush for your skin.

  1.    Know your skin type

Every individual has different skin type; while some can tolerate deep facial exfoliation, some skin types are too sensitive even by using ordinary beauty products. When it comes to facial brushing, you have to look for the right brush that can perform deep cleansing but can keep your face from unwanted irritation. If you are one of those several individuals with sensitive skin, you have to look for a facial brush that is specifically designed for you.

  1.    Ask for recommendations

If you are one of many individuals who love to visit derma clinic, try asking your doctor for recommendations about which facial brush is the best for your skin type. Also, you may ask which specific facial cleanser would do well with a facial brush because there are facial cleansers that are tough enough to be used with facial brush.

  1.    Check for online reviews

One of the best things to get information about a product is to research it through online reviews; however, it has to be from reliable and reputable review sites. In a competitive industry, you will encounter numbers of dishonest reviews to make the product or a service popular; so, be careful when reading product reviews online.

  1.    Read its added features

If you have spotted a very good facial brush, do not get too excited to buy the product; hence, try to read its added features. Every brand has specific added features; some are designed with “advanced facial clarity system” where it provides extra facial skin care such as enhancing facial hydration, fight the aging, and prevent unwanted facial fine lines. Also, there are some facial brushes that are specifically engineered for people with sensitive skin.

Final Thoughts

Facial brushing has several benefits if you would use them as instructed. Also, do not get easily disappointed to find breakouts and light irritation after a few uses of the device because these are a common result that will reduce by frequent use. However, if the skin problem persists after two weeks of using, you have to stop. Nonetheless, if you buy and use the right facial brush for your skin type, you will never find yourself facing such facial problems; in fact, if you check reliable reviews, you will find several positive claims about how effective facial brushing is.

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