Choosing the Best Toilet in the Market

Published January 3, 2018



Each person has his own “happy place” at home. And do you know that there are individuals who consider their toilet to be their “happy place”? These are the people who invest in good toilets and literally built a room that provides comfort. In fact, some people spend most of their time in the comfort room since they have designed it to be as pleasant as it can be. Hence, when you shop for a toilet, always opt for the one that will not be a pain in the butt! Always go for the best toilets for your money. After all, you deserve all the pampering you can get during your private moments. Check out the guideline below on how to choose the right toilet:

  • Look for low flow models

Toilets can be costly when it comes to water use until better versions were made since 1994. They are low flow models that only need 1.6 gallons to flush. However, don’t choose the first generation low flow toilets since they still have their usual designs, only tweaked to lower their water consumption. However, these types of models still use plenty of water since you will need to flush them twice. A decade and a half past and these types of toilets finally worked! Important designs were added to the toilets so it will have larger trap ways to avoid clogging and allow bigger flush valves for a more powerful surge of water to get into the bowl.

  • Pinching pennies is not advisable

If you pay less than $75 to a contractor, expect to be a recipient of a low-quality working parts and poor glazing. A powerful flush can’t be yours if you have invested in a cheap toilet too. Remember that you will be using the toilet for many years. Hence, it only makes sense to invest in something that will serve you well in all the years it is in use. You may need to spend around $100 to $500 for your toilet. If you like pressures assist type then prepare to spend around $225 to $600.

  • Look around when shopping

Home centers may offer toilets but not all top-ranked ones. You can check online retailers and bathroom showrooms too for wider selections.

Additional features

Some toilets are built with unique flush mechanisms and customized seats. However, they can be such a pain during replacements. Replacements are not just expensive, they can be hard to find too. Meanwhile, if you have issues with a dripping toilet tank, a pressure assist model can be a better option for you. These types have tanks built inside so the outer tank will not sweat. For gravity toilets, you will need a factory tank insulation at a cost of $50 to $100. When buying toilets, don’t forget to check their online flush ratings. Check their efficiency as well. Sanitation is important to choose a toilet that is easy to clean. Most of all; make sure that it is comfortable to use, something that offers you utmost comfort.

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